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Jim (Cox)
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Now Branson, MO Peddler of old cars and old wine Married 3 1 4 So what. Kathy and I have been together over 20 years now and that beats my miserable record of the first 3 combined, plus a couple of other mistakes. By the way, Tanner is gone now so the truth is I never did marry that stripper in New Orleans.

We have lived in Branson, MO since we got together and enjoy it immensely, and even though our travels take us all over, we enjoy coming home most of all.

Today we busy ourselves with the Branson Collector Car Auction which I have owned for 22 years and which provides for a lot of our travel, and with The Candlestick Inn which we bought 16 years ago and makes a great excuse for my diet and collection of Bordeaux’s.
I spent over 20 years on the left coast in the ad biz as an agency owner, with offices in L.A., Eugene,and Portland Oregon where, had I known Throckmorton was there, I would have tried for number 4 much sooner.
Kathy was an Army brat whose family settled in Overland Park. She graduated from Shawnee Mission South in 1970,went on to K.U., then had a great career with Ralph Lauren and Lagerfeld companies. We dated in airports for 6 months.
My youngest son, Brandon, and his new wife, Donna, run the restaurant; my oldest son, Kenny, owns Helix Energy Company; and unfortunately we lost my middle son, Brian, a few years ago.

If you knew me at Southwest, then you know I’m a bit obsessive and my two hobbies, fly fishing and car collecting, prove it. I had fun then, I’m having fun now, and I hope you are, too. See you soon.
Best; Tanner, Upjohn, Czar, Leavit, Koutsobous, Sneed, TD, Melcher, Frey, Bretz, Arni and life saver Goar, plus
Suzie Pitt, Peggy, Lelaine, Sandy, Sharon, Michelle, Midge, Lynn & Ms. Beck.

Worst; A little car accident in '59.
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Will Czarlinsky
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Now Independence MO Retired Divorced 1 2 2 Learning how to be retired: playing bridge, walking; golfing and eating with friends.
Life has been good. I have done it my way with three different careers of teaching grade school; being an attorney and counseling.
Best memories are those of you great people who shared classes and sports for my three years. Worst memories are how boring some of my classes were and all of the trouble I found.
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George Damon
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Now Overland Park KS Consultant in Acoustics (emeritus) Married 2 One grandson, born December 2010 2 BSEE (Electrical Engineering) UMKC/UMC, 1979.
BA (Economics) UMKC, 1970.
AA (Business/Economics), KCJC, 1964.
Recording Engineer, Damon Recording Studios, Inc. (my dad's firm) 1961-66 & 1969-72, which led to my later interest in acoustics.
Sergeant & Instructor in multi-channel voice/data radio communications systems, US Army, Signal Corps, 1966-69, including a delightful year in Vietnam and the first portion of the Tet Offensive.
Vice President & Senior Associate, Coffeen Fricke & Associates, Inc., Consultants in Acoustics, Lenexa, KS, 1972-95.
Senior Consultant, Acoustical Design Group, Inc, Mission, KS, 1995-2010.
Ordained Deacon, devoting time to Biblical studies & serving in the Church; sound system mixing for local Church events and annual national Church convocations.
Recent travels include Hawaii and Great Britian.
Married Alice in 1985 (celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in August 2010).
Daughter Ashley, age 24, married, also a UMKC graduate (Urban Planning & Design); son Brandon, age 21, single, still at home, working & going to JCCC.
Crusing the drive-in's with Larry Miller in his dad's '57 Ford convertible (which reminds me, what ever happened to Mr. Sanders' white '57 T-bird?).
No really worst memories.
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Jim Davis
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Now Scottsdale, AZ 85262 AZ retired banker Married 3 Two, hoping for more! one College was a blast! TD and I had Austin Scolarships at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. We both joined Delta Upsilon, and I have stayed in touch with many 'brothers." My big disappointment was my right knee that was operated on in March '61; so Big Ten Basketball (my dream) was out of reach, but our frat team won its league 3 out of 4 years. Chicago was a stunning contrast to KC, and I was attracted to both its vices and challenges.

Following graduation, I joined Continental Illinois Nat'l Bank (CINB), located on LaSalle across from the Chicago Fed and next door to the Board of Trade. I was a commercial loan officer, calling on companies in the midwest, then the far-west and finally the southwest. My last position was managing a group of 150 lenders that served metro-Chicago with loans totaling $2 billion. The Penn Square fiasco (oil and gas loans in Oklahoma) brought CINB to its knees in 1982.

During my Chicago career, I first lived in Lincoln Park (just 24 blocks north of downtown) and attended night school at NU for 3 years to get an MBA. Summers involved sailing in boat races on Lake Michigan, and after 4 years I joined with two friends in purchasing a 30' sloop, and 4 years later we added a Soling to our fleet. There was little time for golf and tennis in those years.

I met my wife Penny (a six foot blond)in a boat yard in 1967. She was a speech therapist/coordinator specializing in cleft palate kids. She attended Syracuse and then got a Master's degree from Northwestern and her office was in NU's medical office building. We married in August '68. Our son Hunter was born in '73, and then identical twin daughters--Melissa and Renee--arrived in '75. By then we owned a second floor co-op apartment on Lincoln Park West across from Lincoln Park Zoo and the Botanical Garden. We moved to suburban Winnetka in '78, once we figured out the cost of 3 private school tuitions! Our time for sailing declined, and golf, tennis and paddle (platform) tennis became avocations.

From '83 to '85 I was President of the third largest bank in Oregon, with headquarters in Portland and 65 branches scattered across the state. It was stressed due to high interest rates that had raised unemployment throughout the forest products industry. The bank regained its profitability by mid-'84, but the board decided to sell the bank.

So, in '85 I found an opportunity to join Boatmen's Bancshares at their St. Louis headquarters in charge of corporate lending (1st National of KC had just become a subsidiary). There were 11 good years with our family home in Town and Country 17 miles West of downtown. Our kids thrived in the Parkway school system; Hunt's senior year the Parkway West basketball team won the 5A MO State tournament, fulfilling my unfulfilled desire! In the girls final year of college ('97), Boatmen's was acquired by NationsBank,which soon changed its name to Bank of America. I was 53 years old, but my Boatmen's stock options gave me a "parachute" so I became an active investor and did a smattering of consulting.

In '95 Penny and I had bought a 2nd home in a mountain-side development in far north Scottsdale called Desert Mountain, which is a golf community having six courses, which all members have access to each. By 2002 we decided to sell our St. Louis home and we became permanent Arizonians. Our daughters both chose to work in Chicago, so we spend significant time visiting them in the summer months. Renee was recently married, but Lissa is still trying to find Mr. Right. Hunt is married to Jennifer, whom he met at UCLA, and they have an 8 year-old daughter Lauren and a 6 year-old sun Jake. They live in the Bay area, so we find many excuses to go visit them.

My knees wore out in the 90's so I had to give up tennis and paddle tennis. So my major fixation is golf. Since my right knee was replaced in 2005 and the left in 2009,I now try to get in at least 180 rounds of golf each year.

Maybe more to come...?
Best memories: Easy. Winning the Interscholastic League Christmas Basketball Tournament, and taking down Southeast in the second round. The Indians blitzed the Knights 80 to 46. I scored 39 points in the first 28 minutes and then was rested; when I left the court SE had only 36 points.
(I will have the Trail clipping with me at the reunion.)

Dating Judy Brett most of my Senior year was also precious. I first learned to sail on her family's boat on Lake Lotawana (sp?). Good times all that summer!

Worst memory: My left ankle was severly sprained in an early January game against Central. Plus my right knee had a loose bone chip that was harming the ligaments and muscle and my on-court performance deteriorated. We were beaten by Southeast in the State Regional and they went to the State Tourniment. What a bummer! Does anybody remember my cast and knee brace?
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JoNell Davis (Fincke)
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Now Overland Park KS Banking Widowed 3 6 2 Went to KC Junior College. Married in 1962, had 3 children. Married Raymond in 1983 - The best thing that happened to me and my children. We both worked at the fishing tackel shop in Ranch Mart Shopping Center. In 1995 we moved the store across the street and it became a Fly Fishing Shop. In 1990 I went to work for Valley View Bank where I still work. Raymond and I had many happy years together traveling, camping and fishing until March 15, 2011 when he passed away very suddenly. I am very blessed with 3 great children, 6 grand children and 1 great grandson. Mr. McKee History class
All the many great friends.
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Julie Deaver (Ward)
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Then Phoenix AZ Retired Married 4 12 and 4 greats 4 Life has been interesting. Lived in Louisiana California Colorado, Oregon and Arizona. I am married to a great guy and acquired 4 step children and 12 grandchildren. We both lost our spouses and although his kids were grown they still needed a mom and I wanted a family and it has been a great match. My goal now, although I can not do anything about it is to have a great grandaughter. We have all boys and I love them dearly but would love a little girl to cuddle. My worst memory was transferring from
Paseo and really not knowing a lot of people. I knew those that came from Troost School.
Everyone was very nice, but I was very shy and that was hard.
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Jim DeLano
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Now Sausalito CA Retired Physician Married 3 2 2 After Southwest I went east to Yale for undergraduate and medical school. There I met my first wife, also a medical student, and we went on to Philadelphia for residency training (Psychiatry for me, Pediatrics for her.) Our son was born during those years. The next move was to Shreveport, Louisiana for my obligated military service as an Air Force Psychiatrist and Flight Surgeon. I had great times flying with the B 52's and KC 135 tankers, learning to fly small planes and welcoming our daughter.
After moving to Palo Alto, California, I functioned as a "house husband" for some months, and then returned to the practice of Psychiatry with a large medical group. Our marriage ended, I moved to Marin and San Francisco, and remarried in 1979. My wife, Cathy, a clinical psychologist and I have a son, now thirty. I completed my career with the Permanente Medical Group in 2003, and then opened a small consultation practice in San Francisco, commuting by ferry from our home in Sausalito. I fully retired three years ago and now devote my time to community activities in our small town, including the Friends of the Library Board , the Lions Club and a year of service on the Civil Grand Jury. I am able to read several books each week, cook many of our dinners, and clean the house regularly. We also care for our grandchildren on a regular basis and have the joy of watching them grow and learn.
BEST: Julia Guyer's History Class and viewing inauguration of JFK in 1961 during her class.

WORST: Any day in Mr. Armour's Civics Class.
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Greg Dolan
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Now Dreieich, near Frankfurt, Germany Chairman, Economic Forum Deutschland Married 3 none yet two
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Marilyn Doyle (Lavery)
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Now Lenexa KS Registered Nurse Single Again 3 5 1 Ater graduation from Southwest High School I worked in Kansas City for about 1 year then met my husband of 28 years. During those years, we had 3 children, 1 daughter and 2 sons. We were able to do a great deal of traveling over the years.
Much of that time I was able to spend being a full-time mother and volunteer for the schools they attended as well as many other activities: campfire leader, coach for volleyball, and initiating a physical education program at the grade school. I was very active in all parent activities as well as in the Church choir and many church committees.
When our youngest child was in 4th grade,I decided to return to school and fulfill a life long ambition to become a nurse. (Must have been all the Cherry Ames books and the influence of my stepfather who was a doctor).
After graduation in 1981, I began my nursing career at St Luke's Hospital on the Plaza and remained there until Sept, 1995.
That same month, I fulfilled another lifelong dream--traveling to the Middle East. I worked for 2 years in Riyadh, Saudia Arabia. During my time there, I again was able to do the traveling I loved so much. Needless to say, my travels included all of Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bahrain as well as returning to my favorite European cities. My daughter met me in Athens and we cruised the Mediterranean islands and had a beautiful trip. I was also able to return to visit Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and many other areas.
When Dhahran was bombed in 1997, it was time to come home. My daughter was going to be married thus time to return to the loves of my life, my chldren, and watch them embark on their life dreams. I again returned to St Luke's and worked in the GI lab for 6 years.
I now have 5 grandchildren, 3 boys and 2 little girls ranging from the age of 9 to 2. What a wonderful way to spend time!
My middle child (son) is a Captain in the Army National Guard and is now in the throes of deploying to Iraq. He told me while he was in Korea I "1 upped him" by heading off to SA and now it was his turn. He is the father of 2 of the grandchildren,4 year old son and 2 year old daughter. Please keep he and his family in your thoughts and prayers.
My oldest child, my beautiful daughter, suffered a heart attack 8 years ago and is now living proof of how to live a "healthy, full life". She participates in 5K runs, triathalons and generally active in multiple community activities.
My youngest son,father of 3, is a very accomplished "corporate man". . . probably the busiest person I know! I thought I was involved in my chldrens activites; wow, is he involved! He is also very involved in fundraising for the convent and church for the Little Sisters of the Lamb.

I am still working as a nurse for a very busy cardiology office, and probably will be for a while to come.

I have really enjoyed reading about the lives of my former classmates. Although I didn't start Southwest until my Junior year, I always felt very welcome and enjoyed all the time I spent there. We were, indeed, lucky to have attended such a wonderful school.
I would love to hear from some of you.

The committee has certainly worked very hard and I'm sure it will be quite the social event. Thank you for all your hard work.
If there were bad times, I have long since forgotten.

I remember that as a really wonderful time in my life.
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Sharon Edwards (Brodzky)
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Now Bolingbrook IL Retired Journalist Married 2 1 granddaughter 2 After high school graduation I earned a journalism degree in 1965 from the University of Missouri. I married Marty Wallach and we moved to his hometown, Chicago. I worked at the Chicago Tribune writing advertising until my son was born.

While my kids were young I worked as a sales representative, then after both kids were in college I returned to journalism. I was production editor for two scientific journals for the next 20 years. When blogging replaced my publication two years ago, I did freelance writing for the first year, but have now discovered a whole world of wonderful things I never had time to do.

Throughout the years I became active in the local arts council and also served several terms on the Illinois Arts Council.

My son lives in California and has a daughter. My daughter is a veterinarian and lives a few miles from me.

I became a widow after nearly 38 years of marriage, then three years later I married Michael Brodzky. We have just celebrated our fourth anniversary in Paris.
I remember many wonderful people and appreciate the excellent education we received.
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