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Wilma Woods (Herman)
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Then Naples FL retired Divorced 2 2 2 Worked in the insurance industry 'til I retired in 2007. Moved to Florida to be close to son and his family. Haven't missed the bitter cold, snow and ice of KC. Best memories would be the basketball and football games.
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Peggy Yeddis (Saferstein)
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Now Los Angeles CA College Counselor Married 3 6 1 I have been married to Harvey Saferstein '61 for 47 years. We live in Los Angeles where he has been a business/anti-trust litigator. I have been a college counselor for the last 25 years. Before that, I taught and ran a computer camp. We have 3 sons (one of whom moved back to KC), 2 daughters-in-law and 6 grandchildren. We have traveled a lot and enjoy being with family and friends. We love art and antiques and bike riding. We are both looking forward to the reunion and meeting up with old friends. Yes, life has been good. Best memories:
Friends and the sorority
Some of the teachers like Mr. Gustafson
Lunch at Winsteads

Worst memories:
The college counselor
Some of the teachers like my Spanish teacher--no name
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Lawrence Zalcman
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Now Jerusalem Israel Mathematician Married 2 6 1 AP courses at Southwest enabled me to enter Dartmouth as a sophomore. I spent the next 3 years crossing swords and matching wits with some of the very best math students in the country and loving every minute of it. Somehow, along the way, I also acquired an abiding interest in poetry and even managed to improve my rank in class
(though not by much).

Just a week before graduation, on my 21st birthday, I met Adrienne. It was love at first sight; and I kind of liked her, too. Last month, we celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary.

Back in that post-Sputnik era, good math students were scouted and recruited almost as avidly as hot prospects for Big Ten basketball. One amusing result of this was my being admitted to Harvard Graduate School without even applying! However, I decided to go to MIT, which, after Dartmouth, turned out to be a piece of cake. My last year in graduate school, after my first book (still in print after 43 years) had appeared, unsolicited offers of employment started rolling in. In the end, it came down to a tug-of-war between Berkeley and Stanford. (Everyone should have such problems.)

Stanford won out. After several idyllic years in Palo Alto, we moved east (largely for family reasons), to the Maryland suburbs of D.C., where we spent a dozen years (if you include the 3 years we lived in Switzerland and, mainly, Israel). Eventually, the proverbial offer you can't refuse arrived; and I didn't. And so, in 1985, we moved to Israel for good.

Israel is great, and we love it here. Our kids and grandchildren live nearby, and we see them almost every day. This has not prevented us from exploiting our relative proximity to Europe or from traveling further afield, as well. In 1994, we took a round-the-world sabbatical. Other sabbaticals have involved 3 month stints on Kailua Beach in Hawaii (rated the best bathing beach in the US until political pressure from Florida forced its retirement from the competition) and repeated long term visits to Berkeley, Stanford, and La Jolla. Last year, we spent 3 months in the heart of Greenwich Village, while I worked on my latest book (due to appear early next year) with coauthor Peter Lax, considered by many America's most distinguished living mathematician. I retire on October 1.

Amazingly, I have spent the past 63 years continuously in school. The academic life has been very good to us. I have been lucky, incredibly lucky, in both my personal and professional lives: in the places I have studied and the places I have worked, in the teachers and colleagues I have had and in the friends I have made. If you find yourselves in Jerusalem, look us up.
BEST. That's an easy one. Dating Sherry Ruskin all through senior year. ("If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.")

WORST. There was no worst. For me, at least, it was all good.
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Keith Zeff
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Now Clayton MO Commercial real estate research Married 4 8 1 I left Southwest High School to pursue my dream of becoming an architect. By the time I had received my degree six years later, I had become disenchanted with the profession as being too much about building monuments to architects and not enough about urban context. I had migrated to become a city planner. In 1985, after 18 years in that profession (which had taken me to St. Louis in 1976), I was recruited to be the director of research for a St. Louis commercial real estate brokerage and management firm of about 50 people. The firm started expanding in 1995 with an office in Kansas City. Since then it has grown to 3,000 employees, with offices coast-to-coast in over 30 cities.

Thanks to classmate Phil Sherman, I met my future wife, Karen, while on active reserve duty in San Antonio, Texas. We were married in 1968 four months after we met, and though we have not recommended that speed to our children, we are happily married empty-nesters after 42 years. Karen is a demographer. We have four children ranging in age from 26 to 37, the oldest three of which are married and have eight children between them, all under eight years old. Six of the eight grandchildren live in St. Louis, so we get to play and baby-sit with them often.

Retirement? Eh, someday. Karen & I enjoy what we do, and as the stats say, we're in our peak earning years, so it's nice to be building a nest egg. I figure I have a lot of years left; my father is mobile at the age of 97, so I'm in no rush.
I enjoyed good teachers and fun (if wild) summers, speeding down the highway with the top down on my '51 Chevy convertible.
Then there was the time that Ronnie Mirikitani beat me in low hurdles and ended my track career in my first meet.
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nancy Zeiner (byal)
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Now Mingo IA writer and cofounder GadgetGals Married 1 1 1 10 Happiest Times Since SW
1. Sheepskin in hand 1965: Iowa State University; major in Food Science
2. First job outta the chute: new product development at General Mills in Minneapolis.
3. Married college sweetheart Wayne Byal, an Iowan and farmer/career Air National Guard. Celebrated 43 years together this year!
4. Move from city girl to country girl. We operated a commercial apple orchard plus ubiquitous corn and soybeans. Still live on scenic 200-acre farm near Des Moines. I love the country life and space!
5. Landed dream job: food editor for Better Homes and Gardens. Wrote cookbook best sellers, produced magazine stories, food mags, tv shows, worked with renowned food celebs. Best of all was traveling the world and meeting people through their food traditions and at their dinner tables.
6. Birth of son Jason. He is now married with teen daughter and a career Air Force pilot.
7. Retirement in 2001. I call it "refirement;" it recharged me to fulfill old and new dreams.
8. Volunteer gig on Kauai. Did historical research in preparation for Kilauea Lighthouse restoration. Lived in the gorgeous, mystical taro fields of the Hanalei Valley.
9. Founded GadgetGals with food writer/friend Jan Hazard of NYC in 2003. We offer news, reviews, and know-how about kitchenware and cooking at Also write for national mags and newspapers.
10. Winters in Florida or other warm spots near the beach. I've never loved cold weather, and Iowa winters can be brutal.

10 Worst Times Since SW

Never mind, they're best forgotten!

Hope your lives have been filled with as many blessings and rewards!
Best: choir and music events under Mel Bishop

Worst: long forgotten
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Karl Zetmeir
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Now Las Vegas NV Investor/Entrepreneur Married 2 2 2 Graduated BSB from KU in 1965. Between being desperately under funded (read poor! LOL) and an average student at best, it was a fun yet difficult 4 years. I launched 5 student businesses, some with good success. Those novice ventures got me into the School of Business on academic probation (1 out of 36) where I found my calling and managed to graduate.

Then it was Army as a draftee. Volunteered for Nam 3X but my typing skills and degree kept this enlisted man stateside.

BS my way into IBM Sales and got 3 years of great sales experience. Then founded and operated a very successful national direct mail ad agency where my creative, sales and entrepreneurial skills flourished and brought numerous professional and financial satisfactions. (INC 500) I was also a founding Partner in The Teaching Company, a direct marketer of college level video courses. We sold TTC for a humongous amount of money in 2006 allowing me to semi-retire to Las Vegas where I spend full time managing my precious metals exploration and mining stocks portfolio.

I used to play a lot of golf and was a Charter Member at Hallbrook. Other than that, my work obsession that has been as much of a curse as a blessing has kept me from what others might think of as hobbies. The closest I come is constantly dreaming up new products and services to patent and traveling extensively throughout the world.
I always thought the teachers at SW had an inherent bias against any student living South of Gregory. I think I spent half a semester out in the hall of Mrs. Flory’s English class. (I chuckle every time I think of her turning over in her grave at the thought of me writing advertising copy.) My best memories of SW years were working on a KC Star paper truck for $15/week! I loved it.

However, one of the most memorable SW experiences was my “college counseling” with the lady underneath the stairwell. I remember her total frustration after comparing my near perfect SAT scores to my grade transcript, and muttering “What a shame!” LOL

Oh well, life has been colorful. I wouldn’t take a million dollars for the joys and exhilarations I’ve had living on the edge of risk and reward and constantly reaching for the brass ring.

Additional: After lolling around for a few years, I'm making one last ditch effort to leave a legacy ... an innovation to bring genuine pain relief to millions of neuropathy sufferers. Check it out at:
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Linda Zide (Smith)
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LINDA39ALWAYS@YAHOO.COM RAYTOWN MO ENGRAVER Married 5 1 2 STILL WORKING! Still very happy! I married following high school and had my first son in August 1962 and my second son in September 1973. And, I have a 14 year old granddaughter. After my first husband died in 1985, I remarried in 1989 and feel very lucky to have had two wonderful husbands and be happily married for 44 years of my life. I owned my own business for many years and now work at my nephew's sign shop on Wornall where I do braille signs for large buildings. I was also manager of Premier Bowling Center for 20 years which was fun. Now, after working two interesting jobs at a time, one job is definitely enough!

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