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Carol Smith (Bahr)
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Now Leawood KS Housewife/Mom/School Bookkeeper Married 2 3 1
Southwest was the springboard to my college education at Kansas State University.  I graduated from KSU with a BS in Business and parlayed that into a job as a social worker for Jackson County Welfare Department.   During my college years I met and later married my husband, Roland Bahr in 1967.   We made our home in the Kansas City area where our two children, Julie and Jason were born and attended school.   I transferred my helping skills from social work to full time mothering.   When our children were in college I worked for a few years for the Blue Valley School District.  Later my husband Roland retired as President/CEO of MCFC National Bank.  
We enjoyed those busy child-rearing years which became even more exciting when our daughter chose to attend Kansas University and our son Kansas State.  Both graduated with honors (Julie was the first woman to be Senior Class  President at KU), and Jason graduated with a Master's Degree as a structural engineer.  
They each have married and our family continues to grow with the joy of grandchildren; three boys, Jack, Joe and Johnnie!  When all are available from their busy schedules, we enjoy spending family weekends at our lakehouse at Lake of the Ozarks--it is a time of bonding for all three generations. 
While I've had some health complications in recent years, my zest for life and pleasure in the delight in each day has never waivered.   I look forward to seeing and reminiscing with each of you as we recall those growing years!
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Sally Smith (Howell)
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Now Phippsburg ME retired teacher Married 2 1 1 Next summer Bill and I will celebrate 40 years in Maine where we love life and the opportunities for outdoor activities: hiking, kayaking, canoeing, biking in the summer and cross country and downhill skiing in the winter. November is our least favorite month here. Bill's a retired oral surgeon; I'm a retired kindergarten teacher. We spent time in the Chicago area '65-'69 then Cleveland '69-'72 before landing in Maine, about an hour up the coast from Portland.

In 1998, for 6 months, we hiked the Appalachian Trail, Georgia to Maine. My feet haven't recovered yet, but it was a great experience. Since then we've been very fortunate to travel both within the US and other interesting places outside of the US.
Both Mr. Griffith and later Mr. Greenstreet were good influences for me.
In Miss Anderson's Latin class, when I stood to answer a question and got a negative response from her, I was never sure if she didn't hear me or if I gave the wrong answer.....try the same again or take another wild stab?

Russian class was also interesting but in a very different way. I'm pretty sure we had way too much fun in that class.
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Donald Sneed
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Now Lake Quivira KS Peesident of Better LifeTechnology & Married 3 8 1 Graduated from Southwest (barely!).
Attended 2 different colleges but became confused and never graduated.
Met my wife Joannie who helped get me going the right direction besides in circles.
We had son Brett early in life, and I learned a little about love, responsibility, teamwork, and how to change a diaper.
My working career started when I became a lithographer after first working for the First National Bank in KC, where I had met Joannie, and where my father worked for 47 years before retiring there.
In 1966 I subsequently went to work for the Dictaphone KC and enjoyed much success selling voice recording machines (promoted to a district mgr. in Oakland, 1968). The talking business fit right into my personality.
There in Oakland I learned a little about managing people, being patient, Hate Ashbury, Santana, “bottom-lining” a business, how to play tennis, etc…
I was hired away from Dictaphone by a local entrepreneur who, by example, showed me how “not to live” until he was drinking one night, fell off a ladder, and died.
After the funeral, I was offered a job by one of his businesses called Analysts Inc. (based me in Chicago area and I began marketing/selling the service of analyzing lubricating oil in equipment until the Mafia became involved, and I swiftly departed for a new opportunity in Emporia, KS.
I was hired by the Hopkins Mfg. Corp there in Emporia, and was responsible for marketing/selling a similar service to Analysts. Inc., except I sold equipment for the customer to analyze their own oil instead of sending samples off to our lab.
Enjoyed much success doing this and was promoted to sales manager for their main division of products involving the selling of plastic molded ice scraper, snow brushes (winter care products line).
Discovered a product that most of you may not remember (ice scraper with a warm mitten to keep your hand warm when scraping ice/snow from car windows.
I convinced our board of directors to allow Hopkins to take on this project, and it allowed Hopkins to grow over 500% in just 2 years (felt I got little out of the success financially, and began giving thoughts to having my own business someday).
A competitor of Hopkins hired my away to develop/sell a similar program for them and I did this for a company called Gary Precision Products out of the Bronx, NY. (was very successful and decided that I should try having my own business as I better understood the value “business equity”,
and wanted to make more money that I had been able to do working for someone else.
With 2 partners in 1990, we started a company called Jasco Inc., and developed/marketed/sold the worlds first fully adjustable drink holder allowing consumers to sustain all sizes of drinks inside their moving cars/trucks/SUV’s, etc…(product called “The Spillmaster”).
Had a great time building this company from nothing to a position where we were acquired by a large holding company in 1996, and I became financially secure (assuming a reasonable life style).
Our son Brett, with my help and the help of many of our friends, started a company in 1997 called Better Life Technology (BLT) and we became the world’s largest developer/marketer/distributor of roll-out garage floor covering (websites “” & “”).
BLT is having another very good year, so we all have a lot to be thankful for.
Over the years we also raised 2 beautiful daughters (Christi and Whitney) that had much success in everything from academics, to acting, to playing tennis, and most importantly raising 5 super grandchildren for Jaonnie and I to grandparent (also, Brett has 2 girls giving a total of 7 plus a recently adopted baby girl from China by our daughter Christi making a total of 8).
My wife Joannie is/has been the best mother/grandmother ever (making up for my selfish indulgence in sports, business, cars, etc…).
On a personal note, I spent too much time playing tennis since I turned 29 (according to Joannie), but was a part of a team in 1994 that won the national USTA 4.5 level team championship (downside was I wore both knees out, and had to have them replaced in 2003).
We believe that God has been great to us ( I am especially glad to be here today as I developed a fatal heart disease in 2009, but some how have experienced a miracle as the disease simply went away at the time when doctors at The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN were trying to save me.
Following my annual fiscal last Friday, doctors told me that my heart was actually getting stronger in spite of the damage the disease had done, and considering the normal aging process).
In closing I would thank all of you who knew me, and put up with me in high school, and the positive effect of your friendships.
Best - Playing basketball and going to the football games.

Worst - Not paying attention in school
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William Soltz
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Now Highland CA Psychologist 3 2 1 After graduating Southwest, went on to UMKC where I completed my BA. Spent 4 years at the University of Missouri at Columbia completing my Ph.D. in Psychology. Moved to VA Palo Alto where I completed my internship and became a licensed Psychologist in 6/71.

While at the VA, I met a girl I had met by accident in KC at the age of 19. We again met, by accident, in California. We are now married 40-plus years and have had 3 children. We now have 2 grand children.

We have lived in San Bernardino/Highland for 40 years where my wife has taught in the San Bernardino Unified School district for 25 years. I have worked as a Psychologist at my office in San Bernardino since 4/73.

Pretty ordinary lives. Both of us enjoy working out (we go to to the gym 7 days a week) and we are advocates of Spinning, Pilates and Yoga. I had run daily for 30 years but after getting hit by a car a couple years ago, decided to go inside. Fortunately, no injuries.

We're very close to the children and we see each other as much as we can. Daughter, age 40, lives in San Francisco and is a lawyer. Younger daughter, age 36, lives in San Diego, and is a Social Worker. Our son, age 31, is at Ohio State working on his Ph.D. in physical anthropology.

See you soon. WHS
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Merilee123Merilee Sutton (Diller)
grandmamerilee123 Hilliard OH 43026 Merilee123 Married 8 two four four marriages four marriages
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Lynne Swingley (Blatchley-Krejca)
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Now Frankfort IL Preschool Director/Teacher Married 6 11 (6 girls and 5 boys) ages 2 to 16 2 After graduation, I went to Culver-Stockton College in Canton, MO and majored in Elementary Education with a minor in Christian Education. I met my husband at Culver-Stockton and married in 1963. After graduation, we moved to the western suburbs of Chicago and began to raise our family. I taught first grade for only one year but did enjoy many years as a Girl Scout leader, art and music "lady" volunteer in our children's elementary school and lay Christian Education director in our church. I returned to teaching when our youngest daughter was in kindergarten. I have been a preschool director/teacher for 19 years. I teach 3 year olds and love it! I was widowed in 2007 after 43 years of marriage. My husband, Larry, passed away after a short bout with cancer. The love and support of family and friends made all the difference in my life at that time. I met a wonderful man and we were married at Christmas 2009, blending together two families. Ed has three sons and one granddaughter. We feel blessed to have found each other at this point in our lives. We love to spend time with our children and grandchildren. We're both looking forward to retirement next year with more time for golf and travel. I have great high school memories. Each time we visit family in Kansas City, we drive by Southwest. I always make a point of checking out the location of the pole I backed into one day in drivers ed class. I wonder how I ever made it through Latin class and the dreaded Fridays when we went up and down the rows reading from the Latin literature book. Everyone was busy looking ahead to figure out which paragraph they would have to translate. The gym uniforms were pretty awesome, rivaled only by those swimsuits! The highlight for me was being a part of the Redskin Revels production my senior year. No bad memories. . .only good ones and too many to mention!
I have 5 daughters and one son. One daughter lives in Virginia and the others all live nearby in the Chicago area. My youngest daughter is still a single career girl. We are proud parent supporters of Western Illinois University.    Send Lynne a MessageSend Lynne a Message
Carla Tagbering (McFarland)
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Now Raytown MO Retired Married 2 6 2 After graduation my life has had its ups and downs. I have for the most part resided in the KC area. I retired from General Services Administration in 2001. I raised two sons who also live in the area so I am able to spend time with them and their families. Between them I have been blessed with five grandchildren - 3 boys and 2 girls ranging from 20 to 11 years old. My husband has two children (one of each) and his daughter on June 14 blessed us with one more granddaughter. I took up quilting again in 2000 and it fills a lot of my time. This hobby has given me the opportunity to give back to the community through quilts and meeting others from many walks of life. Best memories spending time with friends, football games and graduation. I really did some thinking on my worst and ended up with gym.
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Now N Buckeye AZ retired Married 2 1 grandson 1 Graduated 1965 from Baker University in Mathematics/Business, and married Larry Keller (same SW class of "61) that summer. Spent most of my career with Yellow Freight in OP, Ks. Larry and I retired the end of '91 when he had completed 25 yrs with the Police Dept. We relocated to the PHX, Az area and have remained here since, although we travel extensively all summer - 100+ temps of AZ summers got to us. Look forward to seeing all at the reunion.
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Tommy Thompson
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Now Kansas City MO Investment Advisor Married 2 4 boys 1 I graduated from Vanderbilt University as a Chemical Engineer using the math and science background I received from Southwest. My last semester in Nashville I met my future wife, Helle.

I worked at Bendix, a prime contractor for the Atomic Energy Commission, as a Research & Development Engineer. I went to Helle's home in Denmark to be married and the Denmark connection has been an important part of our lives throughout the years. After only 4 years, the lure of the family business was too great and I purchased the family restaurant and was owner/operator for the next 20 years. Thompson's Lunch was an iconic restaurant in the KC inner city which started back in 1936. We received the honor of being rated in the top 10 restaurants in the KC area by the KC Star even though we were just a "Diner Type" restaurant.

We are very fortunate to have both our daughter and son here in the KC area. Both have two sons and the four grandsons are a joy keeping us very busy on many occasions. My extended family is mostly in the KC area and we have stayed very close and have had many relationships with them. With Helle's family, we are also very close and have had enjoyable extended vacations in KC and in Denmark on nearly a yearly basis.

Currently I am an Investment Advisor, and have been for the past 15 years, using my analytical, engineer-type skills to develop an investment strategy and I have done very, very well for my clients. All right! Numbers excel!

I am an avid golfer and have been for many years although my scores don't necessarily reflect it. I've always enjoyed sports as reflected by my four years in PE at Southwest which continued at Vanderbilt. Throughout the years, I have enjoyed horseback riding, hunting, a farm connection, go carting and water sports. We especially enjoy traveling and have been blessed with numerous exciting and enjoyable trips, with Denmark often being catalyst for many of our adventures. A recent relationship with former Border Star and Southwest Indian, Tom Galley & his wife, Sharon, has kindled fun times enjoying music, especially the Blues.
We have been blessed with a wonderful life having abundant marvelous memories.

One best memory of Southwest is receiving a very good education along with the attitude that education was so important. A worst memory was being told that 5 spelling/grammar errors meant an F on your paper, just like in college. What college? I'm a numbers person! Speaking of numbers, in the 8th grade I was told not to take Algebra as a freshman, but I did and got one of my few E's which propelled me into Mrs. Shipley's honors math which influenced the rest of my life! A best and worst memory is of being on the back row and on the front row of Mr. Starks Biology class. "Busy people are happy people." "How would you like a 72 ft tapeworm in your stomach?" Other combo memories include: taking Russian as a foreign language and being Mrs. Flories' senior English 'teacher's pet' (a first). Sometimes ornery people stick together.
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John Thomson
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Now Ann Arbor MI Engineering Manager Married 4 6 girls 2 Math degree from Westminster College - sang with Men of Song; Engineering from University of Michigan; married; Piston engine research for Army in Michigan; Automotive emissions for EPA (founding member); divorced and re-married; engine design and development for Ford until the last pushrod engine stopped production; alternative fuel engine design and development for Roush Industries. Hobbies -grandkids, travel, 35 years racing old Porsches, 20 years of amateur theater, an 1864 house, computers. Best memories were: Bent Eights Rod & Custom Club, Choir, & football

Worst: No air conditioning!
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