The Reunion Committee

These are the folks that form the committee that has put all the amazing work into finding all the '61 classmates for the reunion.

Left to Right
Barb Finkel, Steve Melcher, Chuck Page, Samyra Glass, Felis Sebert, Carl Helmstetter, Tom Galley, Barb Molotsky, Barb Alport, Herb Simon, Barb Bell, Mickey Anderson.

Molotsky is the house mother, ruling with an iron fist in a velvet glove (unfortunately, she lost the glove).
Barb organizes the searches assimilates the mass of communication and provides the email updates you receive on a sort of weekly basis.

Missing from the photo are Bob Woodling, Sharon Traxler Penner who is our art director and Jon (aka Ronnie) Frey, our Web Master.

(We suspect that Galley is standing on Retha Goldman)