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Sat down at the bar at JJ's...I hear "THE FOX"..."I'd know that voice anywhere." It was Mutchler. Looked as cool as he could only look... Give the suit a 10. Trivia: A bunch of us were at his house...
Last Post: Aug 17th 2010
Author: jonfrey
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Murphy's Drug Store
Cherry phosphates at Murphy's Drug Store
Last Post: Jul 26th 2010
Author: PeachieL
# of posts: 2
Stream-of-Consciousness Memory Triggers
TeePee Town. Sons of Rest vs Zoo Club. Gum boxes. Jack Stilts. Katz Drug Store. Lavaliers.
Last Post: Jul 26th 2010
Author: chelmstetter
# of posts: 2
jogged memory
My parking spot outside the north door; Mr. Hoover's yellow Buick convertible.
Last Post: Apr 22nd 2010
Author: mckay15
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