Want a 55th Reunion in 2016?  Or, do you want to hold out for the 60th in 2021?  We want to know what you think. Please take the survey below. Thanks.
The 50th Reunion a Great Success!

Thanks to all of you who attended the 50th Reunion in 2011.  A good time was had by 190 of us who strolled and, in some cases, rolled down memory lane. For the Committee, it was really gratifying to see so many of you show up, coming from all parts of the country and all levels of the class from Waldonians to Whitebreads, Philos to Phi Lams and everything in between.  Now, the question is when do we meet again?  There has been some talk about having a low-keyed 55th Reunion in 2016 or wait until the 60th, which would be in 2021.  At the rate we're sending out obit notices, you might want to think twice when making your decision.  It's up to you and we want to know what you think.  Please take a look at the Poll below and let us know your thoughts.  We'll assess the vote and any comments you want to add and then make a decision.  Okay? Thanks.
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We really hope you did have  The "Time of Your Life"

Do you know where your Waldonian is tonight?
Was your son REALLY "resting?"
Was your daughter really just "driving around" with her boyfriend till 2 a.m.?
Did Helmstetter actually have 61 sweaters (see Sachem...He did)

Is Greg Dolan actually Dr Phil?
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