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Ernst Cambron
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Now Leawood KS Retired Married Associate Degree in Engineering from Kansas City Junior College followed by a BS in Mathematics from UMKC. Worked as a graduate student in the Math department while studying for an MS in Mathematical Education. Discovered the computer center and took a job on their staff until 1972. Worked for AT&T until 1998 in various jobs related to IT (e.g. Divestiture in 1984). Did some contract work in IT until 2005 when I went back to MCC and got an Associates Degree in Engineering Land Surveying.
Currently taking classes at JCCC in CAD and Interior Design.
Transferring to a tougher High School in KC and raising my GPA. Not spending my entire 5 years of high school at Southwest.
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Jan Campbell (Staley)
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Now Carrollton TX almost retired Divorced 3 four one
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Harry Carlton
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Now Hendersonville TN Retired Research & Developement Chemist Married 2 4 1 Darlene Attended Central MO. State Univ.
- BS degree in chemistry 1966
- Minors in math. and biology
- Summer jobs at railroad, General
Motors, and Chemagro Corp.
Married Darlene Smith in 1965
- William Chrisman HS graduate
- Darlene graduated CMSU 1966 in
elementary education
Attended Univ. of MO at KC
- MS degree in organic/polymer
chemistry 1968
- Waiter at Stephenson's Apple Farm
Employed by E.I. duPont de Nemours
- 1968 to 2002
- Assignment in labs, process develop-
ment, and R&D in polyester textile
fibers and resin in Tennessee and NC
Employed by Fiberweb in Tennessee
- 2002 to 2003
Retired in 2003 to pursue interests of:
- Golf, traveling, church work,
disaster relief, mountain hiking,
flower gardening, grandchildren,
boating, and "subbing" in middle
school and HS science classes
- Experiencing Mr. Stark's teaching in
biology - He was excellent
- Track athletic activities
- Mistake of quitting football after
an injury in summer practice
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Joe Caulfield
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Now Phoenix AZ Author Married 5 4 2 Finished college,and then joined the Marine Corps (aviation side). From there I was in corporations as sales management and sales training for most of my career.

Mostly sold or managed invasive medical devices in orthopedics and cardiology. In 2003 started my own business at, a palliative care company for seniors. Sold it in 2005 and started The People Advisor, LLC a training and recruitment organization that morphed into my present company, Rapid Sales Success. Rapid Sales Success is also a book I wrote on selling to the executive suite.

Cathy and I have three children (one is a foster child), and I had two by a previous marriage to Janice Boyer (61). We have been married for 40 years on February 14th.

All of our kiddos are grown. Four have degrees, two of which are masters. Three have supplied grandchildren - one in Phoenix, one in Denver, and two in Hutchinson, Ks.

My sister, Dr.Joan Caulfield, still lives in Kansas City with her husband Dr. Alan Warne, and is still quite active in the community in education. She was a Professor at Rockhurst College when she retired to her own business.

FLASH...New Book available on

Currently I am writing a new blog with a working title of "Learning How To Learn". It has been a passion to share what was learned in corporate classrooms, with the educational world and homeschool moms and dads. I am hoping it will have the desired effect.

I also have a book(s) website at:

This one oulines the four books I have written to date.
Best = Coach Robinson, George Ewing, North door, school spirit, the YMCA, Tepee Town, football,track, Miss Varney, Miss Atwood. All in all everything.

Worst = None.
Life sometimes got in the way, but I was for the most part able to shut it out -- until later, and then I learned to confront and cope. Still healthy, still smiling, still having fun. Hope you are too.

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Steve Cohen
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Now Overland Park KS retired Married 2 3 1 Married 1966
worked in outdoor recreation business for 30+ years for American Camper and then managed the Galyan's store at Town Center Plaza Store during the first year of operation.
Retired in 1997.
Enjoy runnng/exercise- volunteering/travel/working around the house.
Have had a motorhome since 2005, which my wife Gloria and I enjoy, along with our Grandchildren.
Both of our kids live and work in the Kansas City area.
We live in a small 'empty nester's'development in what is now central Overland Park.
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Gary Cohn
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Now Kansas City MO Sales Single After graduating from Shawnee Mission East I attended the University of Illinois with my best friend David Ellis. I attended summer school at Kansas City Junior College to knock out 8 hours. Sophomore year attended MU in Columbia first semester and second semester attended the University of Kansas City and then back to the University of Illinois in Champaign Urbana where I should have stayed from the start.

I joined the work force and became employed by one of the largest manufacturers of Industrial specialty chemicals. While working with them I lived in Kansas City, Madison, WI and Chicago. After 8 years I decided to start a duplicate company and 36 years later I'm still doing it.

It has afforded me the opportunity to deal with countries like Canada, Russia, Guatemala, Argentina, Netherlands, Greece, Italy, South Korea, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, India and Israel. You would think that with all that I would have found a meaningful relationship.
BEST: Fraternities, Sororities & The Bowery Ball and thanks again Harvey Saferstein for all your help. If it wasn't for Harvey & Brad Goldberg (SW62) we never would have pulled it off our senior year. It was amazing the large amount of money that was taken in from the Bowery ball and a portion of the proceeds donated to a worthy charity, our senior year and previous years by a bunch of high school kids who were members of Delta Alpha Gamma.

WORST: The SWAT that Billy Eaglestein (SW58) gave me at my initiation. There are still days I can feel it. The day my parents told me they were moving to Kansas, my sophomore year, and I had to move with them if I wanted to keep getting an allowance and have a roof over my head. The sacrifices we kids use to make for our parents to keep them happy. Do you think they really appreciated them?
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Jim Comer
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Then Kansas City MO Retired Married 2 2 1 Graduated Kansas University 1965 with a BS in Mathematics. Graduate school UMKC 1965-1966. Flight school 1966-1967. Flight instructor and charter pilot 1967-1969. Hired by TWA as a second officer on the Boeing 727 in 1969. Flight manager in charge of TWA's Boeing 727 Flight Engineer Flight Simulator training program 1979-1980. Retired 2003 from TWA/American Airlines as a MD-80 Captain after 34 years and logging over 25,000 flight flight hours and caring over one million passengers.
Owner Mid-America Aviation and Sterling Enterprises. Bought and sold large multi-engine aircraft and conducted Captain training on the Boeing 727 for UPS, Emery Air and DHL Airways.
Sponsor open wheel auto racing (Formula Ford and Formula B). National champions Formula Ford and 3rd place nationally Formula B in 1975. Our driver, Gordon Smiley, is the last race car driver to get killed at the Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway.
Today,I still maintain my Flight Instructor Rating and am involved in buying and selling cars and aircraft.

The 5 scrubs on the boys varsity basketball team beating the starting 5 in every practice session and not getting to play in the regularly scheduled games.

Sneed taking a tennis ball and breaking out all the neon lights on the Katz Drug Store sign in Brookside while yelling "You mean old kitty".
Married to my wife Carolyn for 40 years. A daughter, Caryn, who is a director of sales and marketing for Pepisco in Atlanta. Her husband is a pilot with Delta Airlines. A son, Chris, who I started flying with at age 11 and is currently a flight instructor, check pilot and test pilot for FedEx on the Boeing 727 and 757 in Memphis.
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Pat Connelly
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Then Newport WA Loafing, Kinda, Sorta... Practicing at it anyway Married 3 2 3 too many Married Jane Smith,Class 1962 producing only daughter Patricia Jane, then decided to give marriage another try with two boys, Stephan and Mark for the effort. Gave marriage one more try and still didn't work so gave up. Then got blind sided 10 years later and ended up married for the final time and am glad my bride chose me!

Have spent the last 40 years in various aspects of the transportation industry: airlines, surface, transit and currently in the charter service.

Moved to the Seattle area in 1991 from Independence Mo. Really got tired of all of the traffice in the Puget Sound area and moved into the rural area north of Spokane, only thing my bride and I have to worry about are the deer, moose, turkey and a passing bear every now and then. We have currently been working on our home, we call the "The Barn", which keeps us dry and warm or cool as needed.

Retired on Aug 8 of 2008 that way I would not have to try and remember that date 10 years from now.

Still have good health, my marbles are still intact.

No body told me I would lose my weekends when I retired.. After a time I lost track of time, day of the month and the month. After experiencing this for the second time and having to figure it out, I came to the conclusion I was working too hard at retirement. So I found a part-time job, now I can say "I have a 2 day work-week and a 5 day weekend"!!! Life is good...
Can't really recall much of either, "too much water under the bridge" so to speak. Besides if either would have stayed with me, that means it really must have been good or bad to leave an impression. I guess if there would be a best it was meeting Jane Smith who later became my wife. Who by the way, past away the Sunday after Thanksgiving last year....
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Harriet Cooper (Goitein)
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Now Herzliya Artist Married 3 8 1 I taught in the blackboard jungle of the Bronx in '66; Married Elon Goitein, a television director and taught in Philadelphia. Moved to Jerusalem in '68. Taught Art in the Israel Museum; created a Recycling Room there, a workshop for kids and parents. Moved to Tel Aviv, then Herzliya. Studied animation in Canada; made an animated commercial for the Cinema; did graphic design and educational/commercial animation. Taught animation. Today, I have a new profession as an English teacher for Hebrew speaking learning challenged children. I Illustrate; paint in watercolor; and try to write children's picture books.

I liked Southwest so much so, that I still dream about going to geometry class and then someone reminds me that I already graduated! I really did like it!!
Good memories: Miss Beck's Art class.
Making Miss Mccleod happy.
Betty Ennis and I bought Miss McCleod a dress from the whole class for her birthday.
Bad memories: By this time I can't remember.
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Joan Cowan (Bogdon)
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Now Shawnee KS REtired Married 2 5 1 I was busy raising our two children and at the same time involved in our family candy business, Bogdon Candies.
My husband and I have since retired. We are now enjoying our wonderful grandchildren, 3 granddaughters and 2 grandsons. Busy attending their many activities and watching them grow.
I enjoy antiquing and still search for that Antique Road Show piece.
Just having fun and enjoying life!
What I remember most about Southwest was all my friends and the crazy times we had.
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