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Barbara Throckmorton (Drinka)
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Now Portland OR psychoanalyst/teacher Married 3 3 2 The highlight of my undergraduate child development studies at Iowa State was having been given the opportunity to attend Merrill Palmer Institute of Human Development in Detroit, MI. A period of awakening into action long-held interests and beliefs ensued in pursuing opportunity and equality for all children. This encompassed working with ghetto children through teaching and social work capacities plus involvement in the Civil Rights movement and the American Friends’ Service Committee. After marrying Bob Rankin, we moved to Chicago (1965-68) where I taught gifted pre-teens in Hinsdale while he earned his JD from Northwestern Law School. We moved to Portland in 1968, had 2 sons, Marc and James, as we inherited Bob’s 10-yr-old sister upon the death of their mother. As a family, we enjoyed hiking, camping, skiing, and discovering Oregon.

My embarking on graduate school, MSW Portland State, Community Mental Health Centers Grant (thank you, Jimmy Carter), precipitated Bob’s and my divorce in 1976. In 1981, our sons accompanied me to the Boston area while I undertook an Advanced Clinical Fellowship at Harvard teaching hospitals and clinics and doctoral work at Smith College School of Social Work. I met George Drinka, MD, child psychiatrist, during fellowship years. Marrying in 1983, we returned to live in Portland where daughter, Ginevra was born in 1986. I have maintained a private psychotherapy practice since 1984, working with children, adolescents and their parents. My emphasis shifted to adults upon undertaking psychoanalytic training in 2000, graduating from San Francisco Psychoanalytic/Oregon Psychoanalytic Institutes in 2005. On the faculty of Oregon Psychoanalytic, I teach analytic candidates and have developed a community arts’ outreach program between OPC, film, opera, and theatre groups in Portland.

I have enjoyed a full rich life integrating my pleasure in being wife and mother while satisfying my values and abilities by focusing professional interests and studies toward the full development of children/adults as teacher, clinical social worker, and psychoanalyst. I take pleasure in the creative process of my approach to homemaking as “art in everyday life;” having a love affair with my beautiful, “green” adopted Oregon; and enjoying intermittent pleasures in piano and drawing. I feel blessed for an insatiable love of learning, which has included lots of books and travels to Asia, Europe, and Central America. I am grateful for talented, generous, friends with whom to collaborate in efforts to leave behind a positive “footprint.” My truth is not complete without mention of my satisfaction in traversing the challenging vicissitudes of life, at times overwhelming, complex, and painful, yet ever grist for the opportunity to grow.
My BEST memories involve having had the opportunity to grow up in KC and know and learn as an adolescent with such exceptionally capable, open-minded teens. Another best yet sad remembrance was looking out from the stage at our graduation, encompassing all of you friends and classmates, and wondering if I would ever know so many fine people in one place again.

The WORST period for me was making the transition from 7th grader in an outlying grade school, to a more sophisticated SW High.

From Barbara: I am looking forward to our reunion: chances to renew, update, or know some classmates for the first time.


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Harvey Throop
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Now San Diego CA Pastor Married 4 6 1 After graduating from Southwest, I attended Missouri Valley College, receiving a B.A. in 1965, and then went on to Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, PA., where I graduated with a M.Div in 1968.
I met my future wife, Joan Vaughn, when we both worked at the same summer resort on Bay Lake near Deerwood, MN. We "tied the knot" in December, 1967. Since graduating from seminary, I served as pastor of Presbyterian Churches in Amboy, MN. and Estherville, IA. I am presently pastor of the Palisades Presbyterian Church in San Diego, CA.
During my ministry, I have been a member of the Board of Directors of the national LOGOS Program, a weekday Christian education model for all denominations. I have also written and published curriculum for both youth and adults. I've been fortunate to have had a wonderful career.

My best memories at Southwest relate to singing in the choir under Mel Bishop. I also had several good friends there but since I live out in California, I have not been able to maintain close contact with them. I hope everyone has a great time at the reunion. I'll be thinking of you!
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Judy Tompkins (Minor)
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Then Gig Harbor WA Retired Widowed 2 2 1 Mom married John Minor, 5 years her senior, shortly after graduating from high school. They lived a fulfilling and adventurous life and were very much in love until dad died in a drowning accident in 1996. Dad's career in forestry saw them move to Idaho early in their marriage, then to Montana in 1968, then to Minnesota in 1972, then to Alaska in 1980 where they remained until dad retired in 1996. They moved to Hawaii upon dad's retirement and spent 3 months there together before his passing.
This is being posted by Judy's son, Eric.  Mom had a series of small strokes starting in 1998 which progressively degraded her physical capabilities.  She remained the same bright women mentally until May 2005 when a larger stroke deprived her of much of her mental capacity.  Mom is being cared for by her sister Elaine in Warsaw, MO.
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David Tucker
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Now Oro Valley AZ Manager Divorced 7 16 2 Lots of new body parts also! I joined the USAF at the age 17; it was the fall of 61. I never made it to Viet Nam. I receive training in Aircraft maintenance which lead to my 33 year career at TWA .
I married Leah Marie in 1965 and returned to Kansas City where I lived until 1999.
We raised or 7 children on a farm near Polo Mo. Where I learned
Best: Driving to school in my 1953 (Corvette power) Ford Vick in a different color then the day before! As in overnight I painted it!
Worst: Ever wonder who in our class was ranked last? Yep, it was me!
The Best is why I had the worst.
Best Teacher -- English Mr. Sanders!
Still working for Rolls-Royce and the Boeing 747 Flying Test Bed for flight testing the new Trent 1000 engine. On Site Manager!
Life is great!
 7 Children, one adopted, 16 Grandchildren.
 Hot Rod in the garage and wisdom in the head.
 Life is short -- eat the frosting first!
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Jim Tucker
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Jal NM Retired Law Enforcement Officer Married 3 around 8 3 Life has been good. I’ve been married 44 years to my wonderful wife, Mattie. I’ve lived my life, I’ve saved lives, and I have helped countless people who needed my assistance.
I came to Southwest High from my home in Roswell, NM, to spend my senior year there. The US Air Force had substantially expanded the air base near Roswell and the town’s only high school was severely overcrowded. I would not have been able to finish my senior year in Roswell had I stayed there. So I went to Kansas City, where I lived with my aunt and uncle, the Ridgeways while I attended SWHS.
After graduating from Southwest, I returned to Roswell and found a job with General Dynamics, prior to attending Lubbock Christian College. I joined the Navy in 1962 and spent part of my 4-year career on an LST, cruising the waterways of Vietnam, supplying Marines and Green Berets. My specialty onboard the LST and other ships was Electronic Fire Control Technician, where I handled large guns.
After leaving the Navy in 1966, I became a police officer in Roswell, NM, and I spent the remainder of my working life as a law enforcement officer in several towns, including Roswell, Hereford, TX, Panhandle, TX, Eunice, NM, Denver City, TX, and finally in Jal, NM, where I am now retired. Along the way, I was also a volunteer fireman before retiring.
During my career I’ve been shot, shot at, stabbed, and about one half of my body parts have been injured in one way or another. I came very close on three occasions to getting killed and in one chance encounter, I had to end the life of a bank robber who was shooting at me.
I spent the final years of my career here in Jal as the officer in charge of forensic analysis of blood samples, having to testify in court on numerous occasions.
Due to an injury I sustained as a volunteer fireman, I find it difficult to get around these days, but, all in all, the good Lord has been kind to this old man.
Best memories are of the kindness that all of you showed to me, a kid from a small desert town in New Mexico. I was prepared to be an outcast when I first arrived in Kansas City, but you all made life much more bearable for me.

Worst memory was adapting to the big city where it seemed like there was a high school on just about every corner.
Janet Turnbull (Creager)
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Now Topeka KS Student Affairs Specialist, Baker University Divorced 4 5 1 My life has been great. I graduated from Baker University and then got married. I was married for 25 years and had four children (1 boy and 3 girls). After I was divorced, I got to have a career and worked at the Menninger Psychiatric Hospital in Topeka. After that I worked for the Kansas Foundation for Medical Care and now work for Baker University's School of Nursing in Topeka.
The now picture is of me and my oldest granddaughter at her graduation this year-50 years after my graduation.
I had a great time at Southwest and can't think of any bad times except when my parents said we were moving and I would have to change schools. That was the worst day of my high school life!

I did not graduate from Southwest but consider that my high school.  I moved over to Johnson County and had my last two years at Shawnee Mission East.  I have always considered Southwest my high school since I grew up with everyone there.

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Suzanne Tyler (Krause)
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Now Pensacola FL retired Widowed 3 5 I have three daughters, five grandchildren and two great grandsons!
Through the years, we've lived in Reading, Pennsylvania (for twelve years), in Monroeville, Alabama (for eight years), and Wilkesboro, North Carolina (for five years) before retiring to Pensacola, Florida where I live now. Since retirement, I've done volunteer work for the schools, Monroe County Hospital, and with various charities.
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Barbara Ulmer (Lebedun)
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Now Kansas City MO varies Married 1 2 2 Education
Mizzou, BS Education
Career Maze
- Professional Girl Scout
- Business Men's Assurance, Editor
- Family & Children Services,
Older Adult Services, Director
- Blue Cross Blue Shield, Sales Rep
- The H & R Block Foundation, CEO
Current Interests
- Morty, an awesome guy I met on
a bike ride and married in 1997
- Flying
- Teaching Ground School and
spending my son's inheritance to pay
the mechanics who keep 1977 Piper
Archer in the air
- Cycling, an excuse to eat a huge
breakfast on Saturday mornings.
- Grandchildren - attending soccer
and baseball events and buying large
quantities of trash bags and Girl
Scout cookies
- Beating Shawnee Mission in football
- 3:30PM, North Door, in early Fall
- The wool swimsuits
- Turning my legs orange by using
ManTan and thinking no one would
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William (Bryant) Upjohn
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Now Prairie Village KS Real Estate Single 1 one one I started college at the University of Arizona and joined Sigma Chi along with Jim Goar and Bob Bretz. My junior year, I transfered to the University of Missouri and went on to graduate with an MBA degree.
Since college I've been in Commercial Real Estate, and eventually owned my own company.
I have one son, Ryan, who lives in San Diego, and one grandson, Dylan, who just turned 4 years old. They are both my pride and joy!
My best memories are about the great friends that I made, many of whom I still keep in contact with. I also particularly liked playing football at Southwest.
WORST? I do not have any really bad memories from Southwest, except possibly summer football practice!
Which I hated !!!!!!!!
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Now The Villages FL property management Divorced 2 2 1 You name it! Went to the U of Arizona; Delta Gamma and cheerleader when not studying nursing! Headed to Denver, Colorado and the U of Colorado Medical center. Met my (ex)husband who was an Anapolis grad. For 28 years we moved about every 2 1/2 years (Monterey, San Diego, Honolulu, Long Beach, Wash DC, Jacksonville, Norfolk...each 2 or 3 times!). Traveled the world. Worked as a nurse in med/surg, gerontology and hospice. Worked for USAirways for 20 years; most of that time on military installations. (A brief stint with secret service.) Worked in DC as a military (troop movement) travel coordinator and HUD meeting planner. Went into real estate and sold time shares (Orlando to incl Disney parks) and now property management in the Villages, Florida. (80,000 over 55 year olds that love "livin the dream") My daughter, Jennifer, had identical twin girls in 2008, amazing to watch! Currently love living in a huge retirement area - golf is free, activities galore, and sunshine! I stay way too busy to admit I am retired! I have great health; still enjoy life; date when there is time and have to say my life has been, and continues to be, one terrific ride! Best times were the great and lasting friendships, sorority parties and teepee town dances....and the worst time was carrying a gum box during hell week!
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