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Steve Cohen
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Now Overland Park KS retired Married 2 3 1 Married 1966
worked in outdoor recreation business for 30+ years for American Camper and then managed the Galyan's store at Town Center Plaza Store during the first year of operation.
Retired in 1997.
Enjoy runnng/exercise- volunteering/travel/working around the house.
Have had a motorhome since 2005, which my wife Gloria and I enjoy, along with our Grandchildren.
Both of our kids live and work in the Kansas City area.
We live in a small 'empty nester's'development in what is now central Overland Park.
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Gary Cohn
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Now Kansas City MO Sales Single After graduating from Shawnee Mission East I attended the University of Illinois with my best friend David Ellis. I attended summer school at Kansas City Junior College to knock out 8 hours. Sophomore year attended MU in Columbia first semester and second semester attended the University of Kansas City and then back to the University of Illinois in Champaign Urbana where I should have stayed from the start.

I joined the work force and became employed by one of the largest manufacturers of Industrial specialty chemicals. While working with them I lived in Kansas City, Madison, WI and Chicago. After 8 years I decided to start a duplicate company and 36 years later I'm still doing it.

It has afforded me the opportunity to deal with countries like Canada, Russia, Guatemala, Argentina, Netherlands, Greece, Italy, South Korea, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, India and Israel. You would think that with all that I would have found a meaningful relationship.
BEST: Fraternities, Sororities & The Bowery Ball and thanks again Harvey Saferstein for all your help. If it wasn't for Harvey & Brad Goldberg (SW62) we never would have pulled it off our senior year. It was amazing the large amount of money that was taken in from the Bowery ball and a portion of the proceeds donated to a worthy charity, our senior year and previous years by a bunch of high school kids who were members of Delta Alpha Gamma.

WORST: The SWAT that Billy Eaglestein (SW58) gave me at my initiation. There are still days I can feel it. The day my parents told me they were moving to Kansas, my sophomore year, and I had to move with them if I wanted to keep getting an allowance and have a roof over my head. The sacrifices we kids use to make for our parents to keep them happy. Do you think they really appreciated them?
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Jim Comer
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Then Kansas City MO Retired Married 2 2 1 Graduated Kansas University 1965 with a BS in Mathematics. Graduate school UMKC 1965-1966. Flight school 1966-1967. Flight instructor and charter pilot 1967-1969. Hired by TWA as a second officer on the Boeing 727 in 1969. Flight manager in charge of TWA's Boeing 727 Flight Engineer Flight Simulator training program 1979-1980. Retired 2003 from TWA/American Airlines as a MD-80 Captain after 34 years and logging over 25,000 flight flight hours and caring over one million passengers.
Owner Mid-America Aviation and Sterling Enterprises. Bought and sold large multi-engine aircraft and conducted Captain training on the Boeing 727 for UPS, Emery Air and DHL Airways.
Sponsor open wheel auto racing (Formula Ford and Formula B). National champions Formula Ford and 3rd place nationally Formula B in 1975. Our driver, Gordon Smiley, is the last race car driver to get killed at the Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway.
Today,I still maintain my Flight Instructor Rating and am involved in buying and selling cars and aircraft.

The 5 scrubs on the boys varsity basketball team beating the starting 5 in every practice session and not getting to play in the regularly scheduled games.

Sneed taking a tennis ball and breaking out all the neon lights on the Katz Drug Store sign in Brookside while yelling "You mean old kitty".
Married to my wife Carolyn for 40 years. A daughter, Caryn, who is a director of sales and marketing for Pepisco in Atlanta. Her husband is a pilot with Delta Airlines. A son, Chris, who I started flying with at age 11 and is currently a flight instructor, check pilot and test pilot for FedEx on the Boeing 727 and 757 in Memphis.
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Pat Connelly
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Then Newport WA Loafing, Kinda, Sorta... Practicing at it anyway Married 3 2 3 too many Married Jane Smith,Class 1962 producing only daughter Patricia Jane, then decided to give marriage another try with two boys, Stephan and Mark for the effort. Gave marriage one more try and still didn't work so gave up. Then got blind sided 10 years later and ended up married for the final time and am glad my bride chose me!

Have spent the last 40 years in various aspects of the transportation industry: airlines, surface, transit and currently in the charter service.

Moved to the Seattle area in 1991 from Independence Mo. Really got tired of all of the traffice in the Puget Sound area and moved into the rural area north of Spokane, only thing my bride and I have to worry about are the deer, moose, turkey and a passing bear every now and then. We have currently been working on our home, we call the "The Barn", which keeps us dry and warm or cool as needed.

Retired on Aug 8 of 2008 that way I would not have to try and remember that date 10 years from now.

Still have good health, my marbles are still intact.

No body told me I would lose my weekends when I retired.. After a time I lost track of time, day of the month and the month. After experiencing this for the second time and having to figure it out, I came to the conclusion I was working too hard at retirement. So I found a part-time job, now I can say "I have a 2 day work-week and a 5 day weekend"!!! Life is good...
Can't really recall much of either, "too much water under the bridge" so to speak. Besides if either would have stayed with me, that means it really must have been good or bad to leave an impression. I guess if there would be a best it was meeting Jane Smith who later became my wife. Who by the way, past away the Sunday after Thanksgiving last year....
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Jim (Cox)
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Now Branson, MO Peddler of old cars and old wine Married 3 1 4 So what. Kathy and I have been together over 20 years now and that beats my miserable record of the first 3 combined, plus a couple of other mistakes. By the way, Tanner is gone now so the truth is I never did marry that stripper in New Orleans.

We have lived in Branson, MO since we got together and enjoy it immensely, and even though our travels take us all over, we enjoy coming home most of all.

Today we busy ourselves with the Branson Collector Car Auction which I have owned for 22 years and which provides for a lot of our travel, and with The Candlestick Inn which we bought 16 years ago and makes a great excuse for my diet and collection of Bordeaux’s.
I spent over 20 years on the left coast in the ad biz as an agency owner, with offices in L.A., Eugene,and Portland Oregon where, had I known Throckmorton was there, I would have tried for number 4 much sooner.
Kathy was an Army brat whose family settled in Overland Park. She graduated from Shawnee Mission South in 1970,went on to K.U., then had a great career with Ralph Lauren and Lagerfeld companies. We dated in airports for 6 months.
My youngest son, Brandon, and his new wife, Donna, run the restaurant; my oldest son, Kenny, owns Helix Energy Company; and unfortunately we lost my middle son, Brian, a few years ago.

If you knew me at Southwest, then you know I’m a bit obsessive and my two hobbies, fly fishing and car collecting, prove it. I had fun then, I’m having fun now, and I hope you are, too. See you soon.
Best; Tanner, Upjohn, Czar, Leavit, Koutsobous, Sneed, TD, Melcher, Frey, Bretz, Arni and life saver Goar, plus
Suzie Pitt, Peggy, Lelaine, Sandy, Sharon, Michelle, Midge, Lynn & Ms. Beck.

Worst; A little car accident in '59.
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Janet Turnbull (Creager)
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Now Topeka KS Student Affairs Specialist, Baker University Divorced 4 5 1 My life has been great. I graduated from Baker University and then got married. I was married for 25 years and had four children (1 boy and 3 girls). After I was divorced, I got to have a career and worked at the Menninger Psychiatric Hospital in Topeka. After that I worked for the Kansas Foundation for Medical Care and now work for Baker University's School of Nursing in Topeka.
The now picture is of me and my oldest granddaughter at her graduation this year-50 years after my graduation.
I had a great time at Southwest and can't think of any bad times except when my parents said we were moving and I would have to change schools. That was the worst day of my high school life!

I did not graduate from Southwest but consider that my high school.  I moved over to Johnson County and had my last two years at Shawnee Mission East.  I have always considered Southwest my high school since I grew up with everyone there.

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Martha Weaver (Crouthers)
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Then Lompoc CA retired Married 3 4 I married Jerry Crouthers June 1963. We spent 20 years in the US Air Force stationed at Edwards AFB, Ca, Eglin AFB, Fl, retiring at Vandenberg AFB, Ca.

These last 30 years I've worked for the Department of Defense at Vandenberg: in the accounting office for the Services Squadron for 23 years; then moved to the Comptrollers Squadron as the Nonappropriated Funds Financial Analyst before retiring in March 2010. Since then we've spent 2 months on the road traveling in our motor home seeing the sights in the western US.

We do like to travel. A couple of years ago we took a transition cruise across the Pacific from Alaska with stops in Russia, South Korea, Japan and then ending up in China.

We have three wonderful children and four grandchildren. Our oldest daughter is a partner in a booking business in Santa Maria, Ca, our son works for UPS, and our youngest daughter works for the Mission Hill
Services District as the bookkeeper.

Life keeps us busy and we look forward to more traveling in the future.
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Will Czarlinsky
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Now Independence MO Retired Divorced 1 2 2 Learning how to be retired: playing bridge, walking; golfing and eating with friends.
Life has been good. I have done it my way with three different careers of teaching grade school; being an attorney and counseling.
Best memories are those of you great people who shared classes and sports for my three years. Worst memories are how boring some of my classes were and all of the trouble I found.
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George Damon
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Now Overland Park KS Consultant in Acoustics (emeritus) Married 2 One grandson, born December 2010 2 BSEE (Electrical Engineering) UMKC/UMC, 1979.
BA (Economics) UMKC, 1970.
AA (Business/Economics), KCJC, 1964.
Recording Engineer, Damon Recording Studios, Inc. (my dad's firm) 1961-66 & 1969-72, which led to my later interest in acoustics.
Sergeant & Instructor in multi-channel voice/data radio communications systems, US Army, Signal Corps, 1966-69, including a delightful year in Vietnam and the first portion of the Tet Offensive.
Vice President & Senior Associate, Coffeen Fricke & Associates, Inc., Consultants in Acoustics, Lenexa, KS, 1972-95.
Senior Consultant, Acoustical Design Group, Inc, Mission, KS, 1995-2010.
Ordained Deacon, devoting time to Biblical studies & serving in the Church; sound system mixing for local Church events and annual national Church convocations.
Recent travels include Hawaii and Great Britian.
Married Alice in 1985 (celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in August 2010).
Daughter Ashley, age 24, married, also a UMKC graduate (Urban Planning & Design); son Brandon, age 21, single, still at home, working & going to JCCC.
Crusing the drive-in's with Larry Miller in his dad's '57 Ford convertible (which reminds me, what ever happened to Mr. Sanders' white '57 T-bird?).
No really worst memories.
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Jim Davis
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Now Scottsdale, AZ 85262 AZ retired banker Married 3 Two, hoping for more! one College was a blast! TD and I had Austin Scolarships at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. We both joined Delta Upsilon, and I have stayed in touch with many 'brothers." My big disappointment was my right knee that was operated on in March '61; so Big Ten Basketball (my dream) was out of reach, but our frat team won its league 3 out of 4 years. Chicago was a stunning contrast to KC, and I was attracted to both its vices and challenges.

Following graduation, I joined Continental Illinois Nat'l Bank (CINB), located on LaSalle across from the Chicago Fed and next door to the Board of Trade. I was a commercial loan officer, calling on companies in the midwest, then the far-west and finally the southwest. My last position was managing a group of 150 lenders that served metro-Chicago with loans totaling $2 billion. The Penn Square fiasco (oil and gas loans in Oklahoma) brought CINB to its knees in 1982.

During my Chicago career, I first lived in Lincoln Park (just 24 blocks north of downtown) and attended night school at NU for 3 years to get an MBA. Summers involved sailing in boat races on Lake Michigan, and after 4 years I joined with two friends in purchasing a 30' sloop, and 4 years later we added a Soling to our fleet. There was little time for golf and tennis in those years.

I met my wife Penny (a six foot blond)in a boat yard in 1967. She was a speech therapist/coordinator specializing in cleft palate kids. She attended Syracuse and then got a Master's degree from Northwestern and her office was in NU's medical office building. We married in August '68. Our son Hunter was born in '73, and then identical twin daughters--Melissa and Renee--arrived in '75. By then we owned a second floor co-op apartment on Lincoln Park West across from Lincoln Park Zoo and the Botanical Garden. We moved to suburban Winnetka in '78, once we figured out the cost of 3 private school tuitions! Our time for sailing declined, and golf, tennis and paddle (platform) tennis became avocations.

From '83 to '85 I was President of the third largest bank in Oregon, with headquarters in Portland and 65 branches scattered across the state. It was stressed due to high interest rates that had raised unemployment throughout the forest products industry. The bank regained its profitability by mid-'84, but the board decided to sell the bank.

So, in '85 I found an opportunity to join Boatmen's Bancshares at their St. Louis headquarters in charge of corporate lending (1st National of KC had just become a subsidiary). There were 11 good years with our family home in Town and Country 17 miles West of downtown. Our kids thrived in the Parkway school system; Hunt's senior year the Parkway West basketball team won the 5A MO State tournament, fulfilling my unfulfilled desire! In the girls final year of college ('97), Boatmen's was acquired by NationsBank,which soon changed its name to Bank of America. I was 53 years old, but my Boatmen's stock options gave me a "parachute" so I became an active investor and did a smattering of consulting.

In '95 Penny and I had bought a 2nd home in a mountain-side development in far north Scottsdale called Desert Mountain, which is a golf community having six courses, which all members have access to each. By 2002 we decided to sell our St. Louis home and we became permanent Arizonians. Our daughters both chose to work in Chicago, so we spend significant time visiting them in the summer months. Renee was recently married, but Lissa is still trying to find Mr. Right. Hunt is married to Jennifer, whom he met at UCLA, and they have an 8 year-old daughter Lauren and a 6 year-old sun Jake. They live in the Bay area, so we find many excuses to go visit them.

My knees wore out in the 90's so I had to give up tennis and paddle tennis. So my major fixation is golf. Since my right knee was replaced in 2005 and the left in 2009,I now try to get in at least 180 rounds of golf each year.

Maybe more to come...?
Best memories: Easy. Winning the Interscholastic League Christmas Basketball Tournament, and taking down Southeast in the second round. The Indians blitzed the Knights 80 to 46. I scored 39 points in the first 28 minutes and then was rested; when I left the court SE had only 36 points.
(I will have the Trail clipping with me at the reunion.)

Dating Judy Brett most of my Senior year was also precious. I first learned to sail on her family's boat on Lake Lotawana (sp?). Good times all that summer!

Worst memory: My left ankle was severly sprained in an early January game against Central. Plus my right knee had a loose bone chip that was harming the ligaments and muscle and my on-court performance deteriorated. We were beaten by Southeast in the State Regional and they went to the State Tourniment. What a bummer! Does anybody remember my cast and knee brace?
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Jim DeLano
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Now Sausalito CA Retired Physician Married 3 2 2 After Southwest I went east to Yale for undergraduate and medical school. There I met my first wife, also a medical student, and we went on to Philadelphia for residency training (Psychiatry for me, Pediatrics for her.) Our son was born during those years. The next move was to Shreveport, Louisiana for my obligated military service as an Air Force Psychiatrist and Flight Surgeon. I had great times flying with the B 52's and KC 135 tankers, learning to fly small planes and welcoming our daughter.
After moving to Palo Alto, California, I functioned as a "house husband" for some months, and then returned to the practice of Psychiatry with a large medical group. Our marriage ended, I moved to Marin and San Francisco, and remarried in 1979. My wife, Cathy, a clinical psychologist and I have a son, now thirty. I completed my career with the Permanente Medical Group in 2003, and then opened a small consultation practice in San Francisco, commuting by ferry from our home in Sausalito. I fully retired three years ago and now devote my time to community activities in our small town, including the Friends of the Library Board , the Lions Club and a year of service on the Civil Grand Jury. I am able to read several books each week, cook many of our dinners, and clean the house regularly. We also care for our grandchildren on a regular basis and have the joy of watching them grow and learn.
BEST: Julia Guyer's History Class and viewing inauguration of JFK in 1961 during her class.

WORST: Any day in Mr. Armour's Civics Class.
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Merilee123Merilee Sutton (Diller)
grandmamerilee123 Hilliard OH 43026 Merilee123 Married 8 two four four marriages four marriages
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Greg Dolan
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Now Dreieich, near Frankfurt, Germany Chairman, Economic Forum Deutschland Married 3 none yet two
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Roxana Watson (Donegan)
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Now Dalton GA Retired Educator Married 2 4 1--46 years After graduation, I worked for Liberty Mutual Insurance in Kansas City. I then moved to Yegan and Associates where I met my future husband, Denny Donegan. We were married at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in February of 1965 and moved to East Moline, Illinois, for a year. From there, we moved to Atlanta where I worked for Oberdorfer Insurance and took up running and golf. My daughters Jennifer and Melissa (Missy) were born in 1971 and 1973. When the girls began school, I worked at St. Anne’s Day School and Christ the King School. I was a counselor at Beetle Rock Camp during the summers, taking kids on adventures around Atlanta in my Red VW bus. My husband was transferred in 1983, so we moved to Dalton, Georgia, where we have lived ever since.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Education from Brenau College in 1987 and began teaching first grade at Westwood School in Dalton. In 1991, I earned my Master of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education from West Georgia College. After 27 magical, exhausting years in the classroom, I retired four years ago.

These days I stay busy volunteering and caring for my grandchildren. I work with my church to take communion to the sick and homebound, care for the cats at the Humane Society Shelter, work for the Friends of the Library, keep the scrapbook for the retired teachers in my district, and volunteer at my grandchildren’s school. I also enjoy reading, gardening, photography, arts and crafts, and quilting. I have had the pleasure of traveling extensively in the US and abroad.

My daughter Jennifer lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with her husband James and their children Jay (10) and Molly (8). She works as a Physician Assistant at TC Thompson Hospital. I am thrilled to have her family so close. My daughter Missy has her Ph.D. in English and teaches writing at Santa Clara University in California where she lives with her husband Kevin and their children Ellis (7) and Addy (5).

I will not be at the reunion this year, but I have enjoyed reconnecting with so many old friends.

Best: I was a KEG and have fond memories of this group of friends.

Worst: I was not a very good student at Southwest, but I made up for that once I settled down and went back to school.
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Barbara Throckmorton (Drinka)
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Now Portland OR psychoanalyst/teacher Married 3 3 2 The highlight of my undergraduate child development studies at Iowa State was having been given the opportunity to attend Merrill Palmer Institute of Human Development in Detroit, MI. A period of awakening into action long-held interests and beliefs ensued in pursuing opportunity and equality for all children. This encompassed working with ghetto children through teaching and social work capacities plus involvement in the Civil Rights movement and the American Friends’ Service Committee. After marrying Bob Rankin, we moved to Chicago (1965-68) where I taught gifted pre-teens in Hinsdale while he earned his JD from Northwestern Law School. We moved to Portland in 1968, had 2 sons, Marc and James, as we inherited Bob’s 10-yr-old sister upon the death of their mother. As a family, we enjoyed hiking, camping, skiing, and discovering Oregon.

My embarking on graduate school, MSW Portland State, Community Mental Health Centers Grant (thank you, Jimmy Carter), precipitated Bob’s and my divorce in 1976. In 1981, our sons accompanied me to the Boston area while I undertook an Advanced Clinical Fellowship at Harvard teaching hospitals and clinics and doctoral work at Smith College School of Social Work. I met George Drinka, MD, child psychiatrist, during fellowship years. Marrying in 1983, we returned to live in Portland where daughter, Ginevra was born in 1986. I have maintained a private psychotherapy practice since 1984, working with children, adolescents and their parents. My emphasis shifted to adults upon undertaking psychoanalytic training in 2000, graduating from San Francisco Psychoanalytic/Oregon Psychoanalytic Institutes in 2005. On the faculty of Oregon Psychoanalytic, I teach analytic candidates and have developed a community arts’ outreach program between OPC, film, opera, and theatre groups in Portland.

I have enjoyed a full rich life integrating my pleasure in being wife and mother while satisfying my values and abilities by focusing professional interests and studies toward the full development of children/adults as teacher, clinical social worker, and psychoanalyst. I take pleasure in the creative process of my approach to homemaking as “art in everyday life;” having a love affair with my beautiful, “green” adopted Oregon; and enjoying intermittent pleasures in piano and drawing. I feel blessed for an insatiable love of learning, which has included lots of books and travels to Asia, Europe, and Central America. I am grateful for talented, generous, friends with whom to collaborate in efforts to leave behind a positive “footprint.” My truth is not complete without mention of my satisfaction in traversing the challenging vicissitudes of life, at times overwhelming, complex, and painful, yet ever grist for the opportunity to grow.
My BEST memories involve having had the opportunity to grow up in KC and know and learn as an adolescent with such exceptionally capable, open-minded teens. Another best yet sad remembrance was looking out from the stage at our graduation, encompassing all of you friends and classmates, and wondering if I would ever know so many fine people in one place again.

The WORST period for me was making the transition from 7th grader in an outlying grade school, to a more sophisticated SW High.

From Barbara: I am looking forward to our reunion: chances to renew, update, or know some classmates for the first time.


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Barry Eisenberg
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Now Dallas TX Poker Married 2 4 1 After high school I went to the KC Conservatory of Music for a semester, and majored in voice. Jim Merrick and I formed a Folksinging group called the Pledges. Did a 7 year stint in the Air Force Reserve, then Graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in Food and Nutrition. Spent about 20 years in the food industry, as VP of product development, developing recipes, food products and concepts for several large Corporations. Twenty four years ago I got into Real Estate and became a Mortgage Banker. I retired from that about a year ago and have been playing poker full time ever since.
Married 47 years. Hobbies include cooking and making stained glass windows. Played Fast pitch softball in college and up till age 28. Then decided to switch to slow pitch. Joined a league where average age was about 35 years old. When I hit 63, the average age was still about 35 so I decided to quit playing in that league after my fourth trip to the emergency room, in four years. The mind was still willing but the reflexes weren't
Worst: Going directly from seventh grade into high school.Not much fun being at the bottom of the food chain.
Best: All the rest.
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Janette Elliot
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Now Overland Park KS Retired Married 3 8 2 Married, had three children, divorced. Struggling single mom for several years. Finally graduated from KU 20 years after I should have. Remarried for 23 years. Worked for Internal Revenue Service for over 30 years and finally retired 5 years ago as a senior manager. Between the two of us my husband and I have 8 grandchildren (3 his 5 mine) so I spend a lot of time with them. We also spend as much time as possible at our lake home on Grand Lake in Oklahoma. My life in general has not been terribly exciting but it sure has been a lot of fun thanks to my friends, family and husband. It was all good from TeePee Town to Mr. Sanders English.
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Elizabeth Ennis (Ennis-Thomas)
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Now Corte Madera CA Flight Attendant Married 2 2 1 Hi class of ’61! It was great to grow up in Missouri.
Please Google “Bruce James Ennis” — class of ’58, my dear departed brother, and one of the most stellar grads of Southwest High. Then, Google his son, Brad’s in New York, working with Annie Leibowitz. Brad also works with an Ethiopian school for blind children, and has published a book on Bhutan. Bruce’s eldest son, Alex, is in Cambodia doing summer humanitarian work before his second year of law school in San Francisco near where Jim and I live.
I am lucky to have had fabulous parents: Jane and Bruce Ennis; a wonderful Second Presbyterian Church; granddad Frank Ennis, who was a friend of President Harry Truman, and mother-in-law, Pearl Thomas. My godfather, Dr. John Demotte, was like an extra parent who generously bequeathed to me what became the Levitt house.
Jim Thomas and I settled in California, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, near where his sons, James and Jeff, live. Each son’s wife had a daughter, so we’re blessed with two granddaughters.
My TWA air hostess career began a week after graduation (’65) from the U. of Kansas (French & art history). KU studies in France piqued my interest in seeing more of the world, so I’ve flown New York domestic and international flights; Los Angeles polar flights to London; San Francisco flights to Asia and Viet Nam charters; and finally, San Francisco and Kansas City domestic routes. We’ve seen changes in aviation!
I wore a cap and gown again at age sixty, having graduated in medical assisting during a long furlough. Prior to that, I became a travel agent for China World Travel in Union Square as well as for Talbot of Tiburon Travel, located at pier 29 annex.
At home in the hilltop redwood forest, Jim and I enjoy our series of cats, rescued greyhounds, and floppy-eared American Staffordshire terriers. Currently we share quarters with a cat and four beloved whippets—two were blessedly born here with four siblings as we marveled at their miraculous births.
I can walk again, healed from a Chagall-like body toss through an airplane in 2010. I am flying again and back to doing yoga, walking dogs by the bay, writing poetry, quilting, meditating with Phillip Moffitt, who wrote Dancing with Life, as well as with Rick Hansen, who wrote Buddha’s Brain. I really appreciate museums and life in general.
Jim and I have been together since 1973! Virginia-born, a (Brooklyn) Pratt grad, he still enjoys his packaging design career. We’ve both benefitted from our friendship with a mom of five, Elsie Morgan—Ann’s mom.
I’m looking forward to seeing I-phone photos and to hearing about classmates!
With blessings to all who’ve passed, and to their families, and with gratitude to all who’ve worked so hard to put this reunion together,

Elizabeth Ennis-Thomas, (aka: “Betty”)
Best memory All mostly really good, looking back
Worst memory Getting stuck on fire drill in white starchy heavy unflattering baggy pants gym outfit out on the field! Also, when a certain tall Czarlinski snapped my bra fastener from the back as I went up school stairs...definitely embarrassing...
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Ray Falkenberg
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Now Fresno CA Retired Committed Relationship 3 None One The 60's: After H.S graduation moved to California, became a Chico State U. grad, got married, went to OCS (US Army/communications), became 1st Lt., stationed at STRATCOM-EUR, Heidelberg, Germany.
The 70's: Began thirty-one year career with Container Corporation of America (packaging sales), enjoying many outdoor adventures including backpacking, camping, climbing, canyoneering, skiing, bicycling, rafting in free time.
The 80's: Got divorced, learned to become a single parent, and adjusted to the single life, pursued many personal development opportunities.
The 90's: A relatively peaceful decade filled with lots of outdoor activities mixed in with work.
The 00's: Retired to a less complicated lifestyle, free of time constraints, including lots of overseas travel including trip with daughter(shown in photo)to Germany where she was born in 1968 during my service with the US Army.
The 10's: Southwest H. S. 50th reunion. YIKES! - 50 YEARS!
A great Senior Class at a premier H.S., quality teachers, outstanding music program, excellent teammates on the football field and the track, fun assemblies, cafeteria. Not so good: study hall and Latin.
See Gail Sheehy's book, New Passages-Mapping Your Life Across Time, for perspective regarding the past five decades. Send Ray a MessageSend Ray a Message
Judy Boyce (Fallman)
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Wellington MO Retired Married 2 4 1 Worked w/K.C.Life Ins.Co. Married Karl Fallman in 1963.We moved to various locations in the midwest area during Karl's sales career. Started our family/a son(1965) and daughter(1966). Moved to the country for our children to begin school.Loved the area and have stayed. I worked various jobs when our children were older: school secretary/social services/real estate sales. Now that we're both retired, we enjoy spending time w/family and friends,going to our grandchildrens' activities,and traveling. Enjoyed the musical productions & choir w/Mr. Bishop, cheering for our great FB and BB teams, and all the fun events and good times with some very special people at SWHS. We were provided an excellent opportunity for an education. We probably didn't realize then..what a great time it was to be a teen! Wish we could bottle that time up for our grandchildren! Thanks to the Reunion've done a GREAT job!
Karl Fallman
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Wellington MO Retired Married 2 4 1 Attended M.U., started a sales career with various companies-ending up as a territory mgr. for Cargill Salt for 35 yrs. Married Judy Boyce in 1963, started our family in 1965 (a son) and daughter in 1966. Enjoy family and friends and keeping up with 4 grandchildren/golf, hunting & fishing, and flying our Cessna210.

Enjoyed football w/Coach Robinson and the good times with many friends.
Sondra Higgins (Fields)
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Now Rollinsville CO Communicator, Writer Divorced 1 You’d think as a writer I’d be well past the crunch of last minute deadlines. I seem to have so much on my plate these days that like it or not, I am more often than not tapping keys at the eleventh hour.
Oh my, Southwest High School… cashmere sweaters, Spalding saddle shoes, and sororities. Ah yes --the hierarchy ..and those orange soled saddles better say Spalding, no imitations allowed. Memory lane continues with: Football games, cheerleading (B team), Winstead's and The Multitude (the name we gave to our group of friends…Hey out there…Squirrel and Camille, Kurtz, Joanie, Betty and Barbie…(sorry for those I’ve left out). Girls, did we have fun or what?
After high school I graduated from KU with a BS in Elementary Education, taught kindergarten, met Bob Fields at KU whom I eventually married and moved with him to his home state of New Jersey. We bought land in the “garden” part of the state, designed and built our house on the edge of the forest (turned out really great!), taught school, got my MA in Educational Psychology, left my husband and headed to Boulder, CO.
From Boulder I traveled… to Hawaii for a conference on Dolphins and Whales and Interspecies communication with John and Tony Lily, to the Sundance held at the end of the Native American’s longest walk in 1978, to the Basilica in Mexico City for the Celebration of La Virgin of Guadalupe’s Day, to….
Back in Boulder I needed to find work. I had taught young children and at 30-something considered myself middle aged, so old age was what I wanted to learn about next. I found a job with the first homecare agency in Boulder founded by Trungpa Rinpoche and based on the Buddhist principles of mindfulness, skillful means and attention to detail.
What I was learning about old age, especially old women, ignited a desire to return to school to combine literary knowledge with my experiential insights into the world of the old. This I did. I returned to school to get my doctorate in the combined fields of Gerontology and Women’s Studies with concentrations in Communications.
While doing what I called “my field study of the psychology of old age” at the home care agency, I also found a true love…radio producing. I became trained as a radio producer at our local Public Radio station KGNU, and for years I was a prolific producer. I then took my radio skills to a professional level and became a national radio producer for National Public Radio and other national non-commercial “public” news outlets.
It took me 10 years to get my doctorate because I spent 5 of those years living with (on and off) and learning from the Huichol Indians in Mexico. I was researching the inner knowing and spiritual power that can come to women with age and had been led to an elder Huichol grandmother.
Presently, I live with my little kitty Almalita in a cabin in the mountains above Boulder where I walk in the woods right outside my door, write a column I call “From Aging to Ageless,” for our local newspaper, am researching what is being documented on reversing Alzheimer’s Disease and am writing a couple of books and articles along the way. Oh, I almost forget…I coach women primarily on aging with health and vitality.
Thanks for the opportunity to chronicle my life. I don’t anticipate attending the reunion, so guys, here’s a shout out… “Hello” and “Que le vaya bien”…may things go well for you.
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JoNell Davis (Fincke)
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Now Overland Park KS Banking Widowed 3 6 2 Went to KC Junior College. Married in 1962, had 3 children. Married Raymond in 1983 - The best thing that happened to me and my children. We both worked at the fishing tackel shop in Ranch Mart Shopping Center. In 1995 we moved the store across the street and it became a Fly Fishing Shop. In 1990 I went to work for Valley View Bank where I still work. Raymond and I had many happy years together traveling, camping and fishing until March 15, 2011 when he passed away very suddenly. I am very blessed with 3 great children, 6 grand children and 1 great grandson. Mr. McKee History class
All the many great friends.
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Richard (Rico) Franklyn
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Kansas City MO Married I have been enjoying life!
I live and work with my wife, Laura, in Kansas City, Mexico and Guatemala. We buy in Guatemala, process our lumber in Missouri (it takes years) and ship parts for marimba and xylophone manufacture to factories in the USA and all over the world . . . mostly China now.

I will be out of the country in late September, but, just in case, I'm sending my $20 for the Friday night event.
Hope you all have fun -- Rico
James Freet
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Profile picture
Now Seattle WA Attorney (retired) Married 3 2 1 After Southwest, I worked a year before attending Central Missouri State (still a loyal Theta Chi after all these years). I then went to law school at MU. Along the way, I did my military service in the Naval Air Reserve.
I met my wife Sandi while at MU. She was starting a PhD program after graduating from Lindenwood College and the University of Florida. Unfortunately, three children in five years put an end to the PhD.
I have always loved Kansas City and chose law school, in part, so that I would be in a field where I could spend my full career living there. However, as they say, life is what happens while you are planning something else. So, of course, I haven't lived in Kansas City since I passed the bar. Sandi and I taught at Inter-American University in Puerto Rico for 2 years. From there, I went with the Federal Goverment with worksites in Washington, D.C., St. Louis, San Francisco, Atlanta, and (after 1985) Seattle. Virtually my entire career was as an administrative judge hearing employment law cases (a more interesting field than you might think).
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Jon Ronnie Frey
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Now Overland Park KS Retired Married 1 3 4 Jon Ronnie Frey

I was born a poor black boy in Iowa…where a little boy grew up to be a…little boy. It was not until I was enrolled at Border Star that my parents broke the news that I was actually a white boy…and in fact, could not jump. That meant, of course, that I could in fact eat French fries at the Katz counter…I was elated.

I went onward and upward from Border Star to the “Big House” Southwest High, where I lettered Soph B team in football instead of the Varsity Team only because they issued me high top shoes and was half Italian (I was actually faster than Mirikitoni). I considered going into sculpturing to display my feminine side, however the perfect likeness of Gina Lollibridgida in the broad jump pit was destroyed by Upjohn and Brouse doing belly flops on it, so the Art Institute never got to see it.

It was not until my Junior year that I realized that turning F’s into E’s was going to be discovered during teacher staff meetings (if they had such things) and I didn’t want to upstage Melcher. I decided to cover that by enlisting in the Marines which I believed could get me laid. It worked, however the next four years would be a challenge, attempting to stay in Japan and dodge Nam while stealing my drugs out of the rescue kits in my Helicopter. I was given the Congressional Medal of Honor under an assumed name, which I figured would be my road to the Presidency (and get me laid). I figured they paid him pretty good. They took it back when they realized they had already given one to another Audie Murphy.

So I hitchhiked back to KC from North Carolina after my very honorable discharge (leaving my Ferrari behind) only to find that my room had been changed into my dad’s office and sex chamber.

So I became the best bartender In KC and pursued getting laid as often as possible. That worked until I started marrying them. Marriage is only something you want to do if you are drunk…and in Reno (you can get it annulled). So, since we are on that subject, I did it four times, then quit. Don’t get me wrong, they were all really nice people, so maybe it was just me being ME. During the first five years of my current relationship, I was told that if one more kid showed up at the door claiming to be mine…it was over.

I digress. I got into racing only because I figured Juan Manuel Fangio probably got laid a lot. I won the F1 world championship under an assumed name. That worked out pretty good until DNA was discovered. The FIA frowns on web sites claiming F1 championships as Juan De My racing career ended when I crashed at 170 MPH into a wall on purpose because I figured that would get me laid…it did, six months later. I had the fastest Jaguar in all racing…unfortunately it was the ‘only’ Jaguar in all of racing.

I was recruited into real estate by Donald Trump in 1970 (the Donald Trump in Ossawatamie), but was fired when he caught me with Elvira or Natasha (or whatever her name was) in the back seat of his Dually. I decided to bless a local company with my massive expertise in real estate and investments and settled at Kroh (AKA Chrome) Brothers where I would flourish until the CFO caught me in accounting pumping my departments numbers and Elvira or Natasha (or whatever her name was). Since I was now independently wealthy, I started my own real estate company, conning three other patsy’s to put in all the work and money while I pursued a professional gambling career. I was the best card counter in the world until I ran out of fingers.

I became a Master Chef on the side and decided to open a chain of very upscale ‘by invitation only’ restaurants until 120 people at one of my historical dinner parties at Casa Del Frey died of ecoli. I sued Burger King and became the second richest man in the world, but gave it all away to Caesars Palace in attempt to get RF&B.

I was tight with the ‘made’ guys in KC until Tommy and Hobo Morgan caught me with Hobo’s girlfriend Elvira or Natasha (or whatever her name was) and tried to run Travalent and I over in Hobo’s Lincoln in a parking lot. I went into the witness protection program and built the Casa-Del-Frey, a luxurious estate in the vey lavish Overland Park, positioning it within walking distance of a Tanners with awe inspiring views of bypass 69.

I am still available as a consultant as long as the bucks are big and I am not interrupted on the ninth hole or during my Gin Rummy game.

Well I know this is way too short and I’ve left out a lot of important stuff you want to know, because I realize how very important I have been in all of your lives. But I do have a tee time in half an hour at the Club de Overland Park Municipali and my driver is honking the Bentley’s horns to the tune of “My Way.”

It’s good to be ME
Best: Getting laid on the fourth floor after school.
Worst:1: Having Teddy K's cleats up my chest and forehead when I tried to tackle him. 2: Getting the record for most swats as a pledge (Lambda) 3: Record for getting the most swats by coach Kipp's size 18 tennis shoe. 4: Getting caught getting laid on the 4th floor after classes (Moriarty's fault).

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Michael Fried
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Now Studio City, CA Real Estate Bkr. Married 1 1 BA from U of Mo. Masters in Social Work from Tulane. I spent 10 years running group homes and residential treatment centers in Illinois, Ohio, and California. In 1978, I needed to make a real income, so I went into real estate. Book is still out on that decision. The smartest thing that I have done since leaving Kansas City was marrying a wonderful woman, who has managed to put up with me for the last 39 years. My best memory was watching Will Czarlinsky sleep while Esther Schroer sat on his desk.

Worst memory was probably doing oral book reports at 8:30 AM on books that I had not read.
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Tom Galley
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Now Overland Park KS Retired Married 3 5 1 - 45 years Early years: interior design, paint & wall covering. Last 15 years owned Decks ETC, building custom decks and water gardens. Been retired 2 years and play a lot of golf, tennis and have been doing some traveling. Fraternity life, basketball and football games, north door, stage crew. Southwest was the best and life could not get any better.
Met my wife Sharon while we were both at Baker University. We have been married 45 happy years. We have 3 sons and 5 grandchildren, ages 3, 6, 7, 11, and 12 They all live in the area so we are very busy with all their activities; it keeps us feeling younger. It's a great life. Send Tom a MessageSend Tom a Message
JoAnn Fuhrer (Garfinkel)
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Now West Palm Beach FL Mathematics Teacher Married 3 12, YES, 12! 1 Since leaving Kansas City in 1973, Larry and I have had the good fortune of living and rearing our family in some of the most unique and special cities in the United States; San Francisco, New Orleans, New York and now Palm Beach, Florida. We are the proud parents of two daughters and one son. We have 12 grandchildren…and they are FABULOUS!
We left Kansas City in 1973 to move to San Francisco. We lived in Marin County, across the Golden Gate Bridge for 23 years. We kept pinching ourselves realizing that we were living in such gorgeous surroundings. I taught at and was Assistant Head of The Branson School, an independent high school. Larry had a business opportunity in New Orleans, so off we went for 4 years. Mardi Gras parades passed by our front door! Next stop: Manhattan to be closer to our daughters. I was Dean of Students at Riverdale Country Day for 4 years. Currently, we are living in Palm Beach, Florida where I am an Algebra teacher at the Jewish Day School. Indeed, Life is Good!
BEST: Sorority/Fraternity functions; Latin Class with Miss Anderson; Meeting Larry at my locker!

WORST:Miss Schroer removed Larry's arm from around my waist!
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Suzanne Rosenstock (Gellens)
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Now Tampa FL Executive Director of a Non-Profit Organization Widowed 2 3 - 12, 14, 16 1 I received my B.A. in Education and a M.S. in Special Education. I taught Deaf children for 10 years in Kansas, Tennessee, and St. Louis. I moved to Florida and taught preschool and kindergarten with typically developing children. I was the director of a nationally accredited preschool for 17 years and have been Executive Director of an organization for early childhood teachers for 15 years. I have written a book on Children's Brain development and it has sold over 7000 copies. I travel around Florida teaching preschool teachers on a variety of topics. I also present at state, regional, and national conferences. I have run an annual conference in Florida with 2500 in attendance for 20 years.
I was married to Paul Gellens for 38 years. We had 2 children. He died in 2001. I moved to Tampa from Sarasota 6 years ago to be near my children and 3 grandchildren.
Hard to remember. I remember acidentally calling a teacher, "Mother" and was teased about it for a long time. Best was standing on the stage and giving a performance from the Diary of Anne Frank for a contest and winning an award.
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Fran Fredrichs (Gentry)
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Now Seabrook TX Retired Married 2 3 1 After marrying in Kansas City we moved to Texas, about 21 miles southeast of Houston where Johnson Space Center is located. I taught 7th grade Language Arts for 18 years to astronauts' children as well as those who never lived to the age of 21. It was an exciting time. We were raising our 2 children as well. The University of Houston opened a branch in our area, UHCL. After staying home with young children I earned my Master's Degree before returning to teach. Now both children are married and have children of their own. After teaching, I spent several years involved with a community service organization. Now I have settled down to have some fun. We have been traveling as much as possible, lately to Egypt and St Petersburg, Russia.
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Katerina Kathy Makris (Germanides)
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Now Houston TX wife, mom, grandmom Married 2 5 1 First, congrats on website...well done.
After graduation I attended a Teacher's Academy sponsored by my church (Greek Orthodox) in Garrison, NY (across the Hudson River from West Point). I received a scholarship to attend a Teacher's Academy in Athens, Greece to further my knowledge of the Greek language and culture. Returned to NY and found my husband (also born in Greece). Have two children: Sophia 39 and Orestes 37. Moved to Houston in 1980. Husband started a new business ship chandlers. Have 5 fantastic grandchildren from 8yrs to 4yrs of age.
Did all the "mom" volunteer work at school, church, sports. Became involved in SEARCH (a homeless program) and served as President of the Board.
1996 - breast cancer...survived that.
2006 - cancer returned to bones; just finished chemo a year ago and am doing great!!
All I do now is enjoy my great family and friends and thank God for all my blessings.
BEST: friends that got me through tough years.

WORST: blocked them out.

Southwest was the ideal high school. And those years were the best.
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Felis Sebert (Gladstone)
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Now Kansas City MO Married 2 1 1 I began college at the University of Oklahoma, but completed my degree in elementary education at UMKC. In 1965, I married Gene Gladstone (Southwest Class of '59). I loved teaching third grade for several years. When the first of our two sons was born I was fortunate enough to be able to be at home with him and, then, our second son when he was born. As the boys grew beyond middle school age I looked for things to do outside of the home. I began by volunteering, taught for a while, then learned something about the field of insurance. When Gene suggested I come to work in his business I decided to give that a try. I have had the opportunity to work with clients all over the country doing furnishing and some design for hotel, hospital and assisted living projects.
When I have spare time my first priority is to spend time with family, especially our wonderful granddaughter. I also enjoy time with friends, playing bridge, reading and travel.
My worst memory of Southwest is trying to convince Mr. Gustafson to give me a passing grade in his chemistry class. He did.
In my memory everything else was wonderful. I think we received a strong foundation at Southwest for college and for life. I still count many important friendships in my life today that began at Southwest and before.
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Jim Goar
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Now Brevard NC Retired Married 2 1 Everything went downhill after graduating from Southwest!
I attended the University of Arizona along with Bretz, Upjohn, Diane Varnum and Janet Oliver. (Valentine, Vaughn, Milly Hilgert and Koutsobos came later.) I took my sophomore year off and traveled in Japan, India and Europe. Returning to Arizona, I spent time on the wrestling team ---and met my wife of 43 years—Bunny (not on the wrestling team). Somehow I graduated and went directly to UMKC Law School.
That didn’t work so after a year I packed my bags and headed to San Francisco. I worked for numerous computer related companies (IBM, Honeywell, DEC, etc). When no one seemed to understand how valuable I was, I started a group of companies that acted as distributors for computer peripherals (American Peripheral Exchange----Go APE-Buy American! Corny but it worked).
Bunny graduated from UA in 1967 and took a job in San Jose teaching 4th grade. We were married in December of 1969. Both our boys, Jim and Tim were born in San Francisco.
We moved to Tucson, AZ in 1988. Our younger son Tim was killed by a drunk driver in Oct 2000. We had been spending summers on a lake buried in the North Carolina mountains and loved the surroundings so we decided to make a permanent move to this area after the tragedy.
We’ve been fortunate to have some of the SW crew visit us here - Bob Bretz, accompanied by his very lovely companion for 35 years Gretchen Jaeger, and Spence Valentine.
Our older son Jim lives in Seoul, South Korea. He teaches Creative Writing and English (obviously Bunny’s genes) at one of the universities. He returns to England in August to finish his PhD in this field.
I presently spend my days promoting a couple of inventions, running 5-10k races, kayaking the lake and feeding the 30+ catfish and trout that gather at our dock every evening.

SW best moments—Beating Rockhurst in football our first senior year game (Hinkle/Czarlinsky-you beasts). Rockhurst had been rated #1 in the regional preseason polls.
Winning the Interscholastic League Basketball Tournament our senior year. (Thank god for Jim Davis.)
Qualifying for the State Indoor Track Meet three years in a row (along with Frankie Travelant).
SW worst moments—As Jim Cox so aptly put it---“a little car accident in 59”
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Harriet Cooper (Goitein)
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Now Herzliya Artist Married 3 8 1 I taught in the blackboard jungle of the Bronx in '66; Married Elon Goitein, a television director and taught in Philadelphia. Moved to Jerusalem in '68. Taught Art in the Israel Museum; created a Recycling Room there, a workshop for kids and parents. Moved to Tel Aviv, then Herzliya. Studied animation in Canada; made an animated commercial for the Cinema; did graphic design and educational/commercial animation. Taught animation. Today, I have a new profession as an English teacher for Hebrew speaking learning challenged children. I Illustrate; paint in watercolor; and try to write children's picture books.

I liked Southwest so much so, that I still dream about going to geometry class and then someone reminds me that I already graduated! I really did like it!!
Good memories: Miss Beck's Art class.
Making Miss Mccleod happy.
Betty Ennis and I bought Miss McCleod a dress from the whole class for her birthday.
Bad memories: By this time I can't remember.
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Barbara House (Goodbinder)
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Then Overland Park KS retired Married 2 none one
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Pam Latshaw (Green)
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Now Kansas City MO Teacher Widowed 3 3 1 I went from Indian to Jayhawk. After graduating from KU in 1965 with a degree in English Education, I taught for three years in area high schools. Then I married Bob Green in 1968. We had three kids and 30 years of marriage until his death in 1998. Mostly I was a stay at home mom, but there were years I worked with him in his insurance brokerage agency. I did return to KU for graduate school (a master's in English), 25 years after receiving my bachelor's. It was fun as our oldest, Mary, was a student at KU at the time. After Bob's death, I ran the agency for a couple of years and then decided I wanted to return to my own field, so I went back to teaching. I am still teaching composition and literature at Maple Woods Community College (MCC Maple Woods) and have no plans for hanging it up for a while. At the most, I teach two classes on campus plus two online which gives me great flexibility. It's probably the next best thing to retirement and keeps me on my toes. As a teacher, I must say the best memory is the college preparation I received. The worst memory is having to wear those horrid gym outfits.
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John (Wes) Grist
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Now Gresham OR Retired Insurance Adjuster Married 4 2 one After graduation I tried the engineering school at MU, but gave up after a year although I did attend MJC off and on for several years. I went to work for Pritchard Engineering, enlisted in the Army Reserves, and then tried police work for two years. I finally went to work for the Lynn Insurance group (the people who painted their grass green at 51st and Oak). I retired from Lynn after 42 years. Although officially retired, I still work part-time when they need me on large claims.
I met and married my wife while working at Lynn (she was an executive secretary) and we had our 42nd anniversary in July of 2010. The company moved us to Portland, Oregon in 1970 while I was in training and eventually to Boca Raton, Florida in 1976 (the company HQ). They moved us back to Portland (Gresham) in 1984, and we have been here ever since (my wife, Pat, did not like Florida in the least but had really liked Portland). We have three boys and a girl. The picture below is at the birth of my granddaughter in Prineville, Oregon. The man behind me and my granddaughter is her father and my youngest son (Dan is currently on his third deployment to Iraq with the Oregon NG). I have been a Boy Scout leader since 1979 and most recently have been an adult leader in an Explorer Post (Mounted Explorers Post 686 – I put their website above if you are curious about what a Mounted Explorer Post does – we are one of only two such Posts in the US). The Post keeps me busy taking care of 66 acres, 18 horses and about the same number of teenage members, both boys and girls.
The things I liked best about Southwest were ROTC and art class. The ROTC program was cancelled after my sophomore year, so after that I was usually working before and after school so I wasn’t around much during my junior and senior years. I was on the ROTC drill team and lettered on the rifle team (which was the 5th army JR ROTC champion team my sophomore year). In the art class I worked on the musical stage sets. I remember “Pirates of Penzance,” “The Mikado,” “Carousel,” “Brigadoon” and did enjoy the shows.
I can’t really think of anything I disliked about Southwest other than the necessity to spend eight hours a day in classes, but the teachers and Principal were great. I am sorry I will not be able to attend the reunion as it coincides with my son’s return from Iraq and I have to pick him up in Ontario, OR (too far for my daughter-in-law to drive 6 hours each way with young kids).
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Gene Grossmann
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Profile picture
Now Spokane WA Retired Gastroenterologist Married 2 6 One I attended the University of Kansas where I majored in Philosophy to graduate in 1965 and enter Medical School at KU. I married Tessa Reese in 1967 when she graduated from KU as an Education Major. I completed my medical education, internship, residency and fellowship in 1973 and then spent two years in the USAF as Chief of Gastroenterology at Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage, AK. In 1975 I entered private practice in Spokane,WA where I practiced until 1997 when I retired.
At retirement I did a lot of sailing through the Great Lakes, down the St. Lawrence Seaway, through the Maritime Provinces and down the East Coast to Florida where I kept my boat for six years.
Now we enjoy time with our two daughters and grandchildren, travel, spend summers at our lake cabin on Coeur d' Alene Lake in Idaho, and just enjoy life.
All my memories are good except those of Latin class with Sarah Helen Anderson.
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Beverly Beverly Smith (Haggarty)
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Then Las Vegas NV medical/retired Married 3 3 girls/3 boys 1 After graduation I attended the University of Kansas Medical School of Radiology and received my certificate in X-Ray Technology. While working in KC, I reconnected with my Troost grade school sweetheart, Michael Haggarty, (Paseo '61) and soon married. We have now been together over 47 years, raised 3 children (two boys and a girl), and have 6 grandchildren (three boys and three girls), ranging in age from 6 to 16. We left the Kansas City area when Mike's job took us to Denver, Colorado. While there, I switched professions and began working for a group of OBGYN physicians whose specialty was infertility and soon became their infertility coordinator. After retirement, Mike and I moved to Las Vegas, NV. Our days are now spent with many new friends who, like us, have retired and moved here to enjoy the warm winters, fabulous entertainment, and too many wonderful restaurants. We travel back and forth across the US visiting family and friends, but our favorite summertime getaway is the short drive to the CA coast.
Best- Knowing my friends from Troost that showed up that first day of 8th grade. Worst-Not knowing the other hundreds of kids!
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