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Stephen Kutler
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Then Carmichael CA Retired-Health Care Management Married 2 After graduation, college/work. Became a Registered Respiratory Care Practitioner and a oral examiner for our national professional organization. Drafted 1967-1969. I was a medic and stationed at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C., for awhile. Met my wife in San Francisco, CA. Accepted a position UC Davis Medical Center and we moved to Carmichael - 2 boys/became a widower/re-married. I was lucky to find such a special person who help me raise my two boys who were then 5 & 8. My wife is a Foster Youth Out Reach Counselor and a professional photographer. In 2007 I retired from the University of California Davis Medical Center after 30 years of service in health care management (managed several departments and published articles and studies). We live 2 blocks from the American River/American River Road Bike Trail, which is 26 miles in one direction. Almost, every day I am on the bike. And I volunteer for various organizations.
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Lisa Lanner (Knight)
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Now Leawood KS teacher Married 2 2 1 As I gather some thoughts to write this profile, I ask myself how fifty years can have gone by - - and gone by so quickly? (I also ask myself how my children can be as old as they are - - no answer to that one either.)

After graduating from Southwest, I went to Beloit College (Beloit, Wisconsin). Married Bob Knight while we were both students at Beloit and graduated in 1965. I majored in English Literature, a good choice thanks to some excellent high school teachers. We moved to KC after graduation, and I attended graduate school at UMKC. Completed a Masters’ degree in English Literature in 1968. We’ve lived in KC all these years, moving only once, from Missouri to Kansas.

Bob and I have two great sons, Allan and David, and two granddaughters we dote on. The elder one is a senior at DePaul University in Chicago, and the younger is a sophomore at Shawnee Mission East High School.

When I finished my Masters’, I stayed at UMKC to teach writing (mostly Comp I and Comp II) for twenty years. I decided I needed a break from grading and went to work at Sprint for eleven years, first as a technical writer, then a financial analyst.

I returned to teaching writing in 2002- - this time at Johnson County Community College - - and I’m still at it. Have to admit I’m tired of grading essays, but the College (22,000 students) is an interesting and challenging place to teach.

I do have a few hobbies: gardening (we have a big yard), reading (other than student essays), movies, and yoga.

Some of my best high school memories are of teachers like Sarah Helen Anderson, Julia Guyer, Esther Schroer, and Vic Gustafson. I also have fond memories of pep assemblies, decorating for dances in the gym, trips to Winstead’s (hamburgers were 35 cents), gathering at the north door every day at 3:10, Teepee Town, and football/basketball games.

I’ve recently unearthed all five of my Sachems, and I’m enjoying the walk down memory lane. I’ll make the following offer: I won’t discuss what anyone wrote in my Sachems, if all of you will do me the same favor. I’m really looking forward to the reunion - -

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Linda Lapides (Rich)
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Now Highland Beach FL retiring from retail sales Married 2 5- 2 boys/3 girls still working on the 1st I was engaged for married that next Feb...moved to St. Louis...had 2 children..son now 47 yrs old with 2 sons (16 & 12) who is a criminal attorney. His wife owns the most special pharmacy in all of St Louis. Our daughter is in Chicago, married with 3 fabulous little girls (10,8,&4). Been in the fashion industry for over 50 years. Owned my fashion accessories business for 16 years,after all the charity work I did while my kids were young. Went with NEIMAN MARCUS in St Louis for 8 yrs then moved to Florida-east coast-6yrs ago to open new store there. I retired from NM last year. Now I enjoy life, do lunches, spend time with our 2 Lhasa Apsos & my STILL terrific husband. We wake up every morning looking at the has been great...Thank GOD!!
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Pam Latshaw (Green)
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Now Kansas City MO Teacher Widowed 3 3 1 I went from Indian to Jayhawk. After graduating from KU in 1965 with a degree in English Education, I taught for three years in area high schools. Then I married Bob Green in 1968. We had three kids and 30 years of marriage until his death in 1998. Mostly I was a stay at home mom, but there were years I worked with him in his insurance brokerage agency. I did return to KU for graduate school (a master's in English), 25 years after receiving my bachelor's. It was fun as our oldest, Mary, was a student at KU at the time. After Bob's death, I ran the agency for a couple of years and then decided I wanted to return to my own field, so I went back to teaching. I am still teaching composition and literature at Maple Woods Community College (MCC Maple Woods) and have no plans for hanging it up for a while. At the most, I teach two classes on campus plus two online which gives me great flexibility. It's probably the next best thing to retirement and keeps me on my toes. As a teacher, I must say the best memory is the college preparation I received. The worst memory is having to wear those horrid gym outfits.
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Norman Levine
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norman.clara@everestkc.ent Overland Park KS C.F.O. Married 2 8 1 Following Southwest I attended the University of Missouri, earning a BSPA degree. Married for 45 years, so far. I am still actively working as CFO of Hairuwear, splitting my time between Kansas City and Boynton Beach Florida during the winter months, and enjoying the grand kids, all of which reside in the KC area. Enjoy traveling and looking forward to having more time to do so. Best/worst memory is Mr. Stark's reminder that, "busy people are happy people" when he piled on the homework.
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Jane Liesveld (Jacobs)
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Now Tiburon CA Psychotherapist, Montessori teacher and community volunteer(I have a police badge!) Single 2 Three One Since 1961---

I have lived in:
Beloit, Wisconsin
Oak Park, Illinois
Madison, Wisconsin
Vina del Mar, Chile
Kansas City, Missouri
Northpost, LI, New York
Princeton, New Jersey
Sacramento, California
Tiburon, California

I earned a BA from Beloit College and an MA from the College of New Jersey.

My careers include:
Headstart Teacher
Montessori Primary Teacher
Teacher of Challenged Pre-Schoolers
Stay at Home Mom/Community Volunteer
Private School Administrator
Real Estate Sales Professional
Family Therapist
Substance Abuse Counselor
Retail Sales Person
Telephone Counselor and Care Manager
for Health Insurance Company
Psychotherapist in Private Practice

Life is good!

It was indeed the BEST of times, especially for orange sneakers, slumber parties, breakfast at Putch's Coffee House before school, sorority and fraternity formals, and for making life-long friends.

And the WORST, recalling our literary society matching dresses, swimming in gym class with those darling suits, decorating the gym and not having a date, girdles, gum boxes and smoking!
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Karen Lockridge (Stoner)
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Now Springfield MO retired Married 4 14 2 After graduating Southwest, I went to KU where I majored in Elementary Education. I can remember thinking that it was either education or nursing, and I definitely did not want to take college level chemistry, etc…so a teacher I became. Chosen for the wrong reason, my career choice was indeed perfect, and I enjoyed an almost 35 year career as a teacher before retiring in 2005.

My first husband and I married near the end of college, and moved to Kodiak, AK with the Navy. After a few years there, he left the service and practiced dentistry in the town of Kodiak. With a toddler and a newborn in tow, we moved in 1968 to Springfield, Mo. We had two more children, I taught between kiddos, and the time flew by. After many years of marriage, we divorced. The kids grew, started off to college, and life was full and satisfying.

I thought I’d be single forever but not so. I married my best friend, Chuck, in l999. Our blended family boasts six wonderful children and fourteen grandchildren. Chuck works for a banking software company here in Springfield, and I piddle in this and that. We both seem too busy, but enjoy our lives greatly. Right now our visits are mostly family oriented….gotta see those grandkids grow…. but we are looking forward to traveling with no particular destination in mind in the future!

Hats off to the reunion committee who have done a wonderful job of finding, reminding and planning a great reunion!

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Joanie Louis (Kort)
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Now Overland Park KS storyteller Have I Got A Story For Married 3 2 humans & 7 dogs 1 Life has been very, very good to me. I have 1 wonderful husband, Arnold; 2 adorable grandkids, 3 great kids and 5 life incarnations. I graduated college with degrees in Speech and Education and taught in middle and high schools, Next, I worked as a Travel Consultant. We DO love to travel. I have had the pleasure of volunteering for many worthwhile causes which led to being elected to the International Presidency of Jewish Women International. I was privileged to be a member of President Clintons' Summit on Women and Families. Now I'm back to the '60s and Southwest and Spotlighters. I own a company, Have I Got A Story For You! We specialize in entertaining seniors in Retirement and Assisted living communities and private preschools and early childhood centers. It was really special a few years ago, to have dear Mr. Western in one of my audiences.

Southwest was a very special place in '61. It is painful to drive past it today. Everything is so different. I'm so sorry to miss the reunion but that is the same weekend as my grandson's Bar Mitzvah. I count on you all to have a great time and celebrate a little extra for me!
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Janis Luke (Koike)
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Then Winter Haven FL Business Analyst Married 2 1 1 I attended Indiana University, spent a year in Lima, went to graduate school at the University of Illinois and then headed for Barcelona, Spain on a Fulbright grant. While there, I got a job teaching English and married a physician of Japanese descent, and stayed for almost 5 years. We returned to New York in 1972 where I continued in Education until we ended up to Winter Haven, Florida in 1979. While teaching at a small state college, I took some business classes and met computers. I was lucky to land a job as a programmer. I later became a business analyst and now manage a Process Solutions team for a large mining and manufacturing company. I spent a few years in Chicago where I got to visit with Jackie Rashbaum Strauss. My last gig was rolling out financial and commercial software to our companies in Latin America and Asia. I spent time in Argentina and Chile, spoke Spanish a lot, and got the feeling that I had come full circle. It is time to retire. Matt and I have two children: Sara lives with her family in the Washington, D.C. area and Michael and his wife live in New York City. We knew they probably would not settle in Winter Haven, but they followed instructions and live in places which are fun to visit. We gather in Washington or on the beach in Florida several times a year.
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Molly Luke (Kaufman)
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Then San Jose CA Retired Single Again 2 4 1 I graduated from the University of Michigan in 1965 with a degree in economics and psychology, got married the following month, and began a graduate program in social work that fall. The following year we moved from Michigan to southern California. My husband joined a small electronics firm that was the beginning of a very successful career in technology. I completed my degree at USC and began my social work career in a small not-for-profit community services agency. We had 2 children, a daughter born in 1968 and a son in 1971.

We moved again in 1976 to northern California where I continued to work in the not-for-profit world, managing family service and foster care programs. Then, sometime in the early 80s, I decided it was time for a career change. I went back to school for a degree in business and joined a large semi-conductor firm, working in human resources. I transferred to a subsidiary that was purchased by a large international technology firm and stayed with that company for the remainder of my career, working in all areas of human resources as a director and vice president.

My husband died in 1992. About that same time, I began to do a lot of business travel, primarily throughout the US, but also in Canada, Europe, and Australia. I thoroughly enjoyed my years in high tech, had many wonderful opportunities, survived uncountable layoffs, and was happy to retire exactly 10 years ago.

Today, I spend my time working two days a week in a fun retirement job, following my life-long passion for needlework. I teach, write patterns, and judge competitions. I also hike, play bridge, and read a lot. I love the multi-cultural community that is northern California. And of course, I enjoy my grandchildren as often as possible.

I have always been averse to the word "widow" as it defines one in terms of a person who is no longer alive.  So, I have described myself as "single again." Send Molly a MessageSend Molly a Message
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